Florida High School Charging $200 for “Premium” Graduation Seats

Nick Tomecek/AP

A high school in Bradenton, Florida is reportedly charging parents $200 for a good view of their child’s graduation. This charge is in addition to a $20 “Senior Fee” for the student to participate in the event.

According to a November letter from Principal Don Sauer on the school’s website: “The cost of the event rises each year and, with budget constraints, we are no longer able to cover all of the expenses of the program.” The letter went on to say: “While the idea of a Senior Fee is new to Manatee High, it is common among other high schools.”

As for the premium seating, ABC reported that all ten rows have already sold out. Families willing to pay the $200 were able to reserve a bench near the endzone of the football stadium where the ceremony is held.

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According to Fox News, parents are upset about the premium seating fee. “$200 is a lot of money for a preferred seating,” one parent told Fox News. “Is my child more important than yours?”

ABC asked Bradenton parent Mark Domer for comment. “It’s being discriminatory,” he said. “It’s just not fair.”

Manatee High is a public school in Bradenton, Florida. The graduation ceremony is scheduled for May 31.