Next Drink’s On You: Bar Offers $1,100 Cocktail

There are plenty of great cocktail bars in the Boston area. Places like Drink in the Seaport, Brick and Mortar in Cambridge, and Saloon in Somerville, all take the craft very seriously. You could really impress a first date with something off their cocktail menus.

Then there’s Canon Seattle, in Washington, where they’re still waiting for someone to buy the Vintage Brandy Crusta, their $1,100 cocktail.

Yes, $1,100. It’s right there in the menu, between the scotch and gin concoctions. We didn’t believe it either until someone took a photo of the menu in real life.

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Don’t try calling to ask if this is a gag; Canon doesn’t have a listed phone number. Maybe they’re trying really hard to live a speakeasy credo or something.

Why does it cost so much? It includes 139-year-old cognac, 84-year-old Cointreau and 54-year-old Maraschino. As of April, no one has bought a Crusta, according to the Seattle Times.

Is it worth the money? Buy one and let us know.