Student Recreates Zelda with Stop-Motion Animation

The opening scene of Rafferty’s video.
The opening scene of Rafferty’s video.

No matter how you do it, sneaking video games into class is always a cool move.

Sean Rafferty, 22, made this stop-motion recreation of the Nintendo classic Legend of Zelda for an assignment in his video editing class at Cincinnati State University.

“I’ve kind of been getting into older video games, and Zelda was always one of the series that I played growing up,” Rafferty said. “The original always held a special place in my heart, and I wanted to celebrate that.”

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Rafferty made the cut-out characters by hand, enlarging digital images of his subjects and then tracing them onto construction paper. He recreated two versions of the main character Link: one with his right foot out and another with his left, alternating between the two when filming to simulate walking.

“I just sat there with a remote control for my camera shutter...and just spent about 10 hours one Saturday just shooting,” he said.

Combined with the preparations for the shoot, Rafferty said he spent nearly 50 hours making the video.

You can watch the final cut below: