Federal officials search RI House Speaker’s home and office

Several Rhode Island State Police troopers and federal agents are searching Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox’s home and office.

The US Attorney’s office has confirmed that two federal warrants have been issued to search Fox’s office. Since late this morning, law enforcement officials have been walking in and out of Fox’s office with evidence bags and boxes.

Larry Berman, Fox’s spokesman, apparently told reporters he does not know why law enforcement officials are at Fox’s office, according to several reporters tweeting from the scene.

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Fox is a Democrat who became Rhode Island’s House speaker in 2010.

While it’s unclear what law enforcement agents are looking for, the Associated Press reports:

In January, Fox agreed to a settlement with the state ethics commission for failing to disclose he had done more than $40,000 in legal work for a Providence economic development agency. Fox acknowledged breaking a law that requires elected officials to annually report whether they received more than $250 in income from a government agency and agreed to pay a $1,500 civil fine.

Federal officials were also spotted at Fox’s home.

It’s unclear where Fox was while his home and office were searched.

He arrived home around 2p.m.