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Transcript of Healey's concession speech

Remarks from Governor Mitt Romney and Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey on election night:

Romney: For the past four years, I have been proud to work together with Kerry Healey. We've worked as a team, producing outstanding results for the people of Massachusetts. We stopped the lost of jobs and have added 61,00 jobs since then. We have balanced the budget four consecutive years without raising taxes. We've created new merit-based scholarships and we just got the results back a while ago on the nation's report card. All 50 states were tested- our kids were- and Massachusetts kids ranked number one in the nation. And we did something no other state has figured out how to do. And that is to get health insurance for all our citizens. And by the way, we did that side by side, working tirelessly. Now, without Kerry Healey, there wouldn't be a Melanie's Law. Without Kerry Healey, sex offenders wouldn't be posted on the internet. Without Kerry Healey, there'd be no witness intimidation and gang violence law. Kerry Healey has served four years without any compensation and with very little limelight. But she served with a large number of friends who love her and care for her, as you show here tonight. She's served with dignity and with grace and she has worked tirelessly. In my opinion, she is the best lieutenant governor in the entire country. And frankly, in my mind there's no doubt about it- you'll be seeing more of her in four years. Ladies and gentlemen, Kerry Healey and Reed Hillman. Come on in, you guys.

Healey: Thank you so much. Oh my goodness. Thank you, all of you for being here, for being so supportive over the course of this campaign. You have been fantastic, unbelievable. And I am here tonight to say, quite sincerely, that I want to extend my congratulations to Deval Patrick for his great victory this evening and I think we should all- (boos from the crowd) No, no, no, no- we should all applaud him, yes. And I pray that God will give him the wisdom to lead Massachusetts into prosperity, and to lead us to innovation. I am very hopeful that he will do exactly that and we are all grateful for the history that has been made here tonight. Barriers have been broken and we should all be extremely grateful for that.

Now, to all of you, my supporters, I just want to tell you that I could not have asked for a more loyal, principle, or hard-working group of people to know. It has been extraordinary and my honor to get to know you all. The thousands of hours that you have put in selflessly- a lot of times people ask you, 'what is it like to be in politics?' And I can tell you that what it does it is renews your faith in human nature. I know that human nature is good because I have worked with all of you. Thank you so much for what you've done. I also want to thank my running mate, Reed Hillman, who has been fantastic, absolutely fantastic. He deserves all that and more. Reed Hillman has laid foot in every 351 cities and towns- every town and city in this Commonwealth. He knows them and loves Massachusetts. And Reed gave up a lot to be on this ticket with me, to have the chance, perhaps, to represent all of you. And I can't thank him enough and I can't thank his family enough for making that sacrifice. Reed, you would have been a fantastic lieutenant governor. I also want to take the opportunity to thank my family. I think everyone knows how much of a joint effort being in politics is. It requires all kinds of sacrifices and all kinds of support. I especially need to ask everyone to give a round of applause for my husband, the most supportive and kind man in the world. My mother, Shirley Murphy, has also become a fixture on the campaign trail. At 80-years-old, she is everything I hope to be when I am your age. Thank you so much, Mom, you are unbelievable. My mother-in-law, Yvonne Healey, has made this all possible for me. As most of you know, Yvonne lives with us and she has been doing everything she can to support my candidacy by helping with the children. She is a godsend, and thank you so much Yvonne for everything that you've done. And of course, I have to thank my children. They have been very, very tolerant, very tolerant. And I love you very much, thank you. Now, there is just a very extraordinary man standing here at this podium. The person who I need to thank most for the wonderful experience I have had as lieutenant governor for the last four years, is Governor Mitt Romney. He has extraordinary vision for Massachusetts and he pulled us through some very difficult times and brought us to a good place. And I only hope that the next four years are as good for the state of Massachusetts.

Now, the portfolio that the governor gave me was extremely diverse and he mentioned some of the things that people all know about that I was involved with, like Melanie's Law and witness intimidation. But there were also other things that he gave me the opportunity to do that I'm extremely grateful for and that I will consider part of the legacy that I have been able to have as lieutenant governor. One of them is simply having founded most recently, in conjunction with a number of my Democrat colleagues, recovery high schools, so that some of our kids who are recovering from drug addiction will be able to go back to school and learn. Another thing that I will always be proud of is that we have shifted our emphasis from perpetuating homelessness to trying to end homelessness, and for the first time, funding what is necessary to create permanent housing for the chronically homeless. That will be a legacy I am proud of. Thank you. And last but not least, I am very proud of all of the work that I have done to strengthen our sex offender laws in this state, including passing Ally's Law, in honor of Ally Zapp. It has been an extraordinary four years and this has been a tough race. But we fought hard for the ideals and the values that we all believe in.

Now today, another path was chosen by the voters here in Massachusetts, and I respect and honor that choice. But we must continue to have dialogue here in Massachusetts to maintain a healthy democracy those two voices are necessary. And today does not mark the end of the debate, it only emphasizes the need for it. We need to continue that debate, continue democracy here in Massachusetts, and I know that I can count on all of you to do just that. No one person or party speaks for all of the people in the Commonwealth, and I am very honored to have had your support. And my hope, my genuine hope for the Commonwealth over the course of the next four years is that we will prosper, that all of you will prosper. It's been an honor to serve as lieutenant governor. I've been blessed throughout my life. I'm blessed with my wonderful family, I've been blessed to serve with our great governor, Governor Romney, and I will look forward to continuing to find ways that I can serve the Commonwealth and others throughout my life. Thank you very much. So again, congratulations to Governor-elect Patrick. God bless this Commonwealth and God bless you all. Good night.

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