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Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey appeared at the Irish Sports Championships in Canton last weekend. A number of people confronted her about her stance on illegal immigration.
Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey appeared at the Irish Sports Championships in Canton last weekend. A number of people confronted her about her stance on illegal immigration.

Patrick's fund-raiser policy shows shades of Romney

He left town for a fund-raiser with nary a mention of the event on his public schedule.

Mitt Romney? Nope.

Deval Patrick.

In a sign that Patrick may be getting ready to follow in Romney's footsteps, the Democratic nominee attended a New York fund-raiser Friday morning with Eliot Spitzer, the Democratic nominee for governor in that state.

Patrick spokeswoman Libby DeVecchi said Patrick rarely puts fund-raisers on his public schedule.

In this case, the pro-Patrick Blue Mass Group website reported on the fund-raiser, which apparently was held at the Harvard Club in Manhattan. Along with money from the fund-raiser, Patrick brought back a new joke: "I thought the polls in Massachusetts were good news until I sat down to breakfast with Eliot Spitzer and he told me about his 50-point lead."

Romney, meantime, was in Iowa this weekend. The trip was noted on his public schedule.

Cruiser in prime spot

It's hard to miss -- the marked police cruiser that sits outside Patrick's home on the narrow Hinckley Road in Milton.

It's been parked there from time to time, or in the driveway leading to his house, because of threats the gubernatorial candidate has received. Patrick won't discuss the nature of the threats. And the town's police chief won't acknowledge there have been any.

"MPD regularly utilizes directed patrols as part of our patrol procedures," Milton Police Chief Kevin Mearn wrote in an e-mail to the Globe. "Yes, we have assigned units on a rotating/random basis to Hinckley Road. These are the same type of directed patrols that we use for parks & playgrounds as well as radar assignments. Given the fact that Mr. Patrick is a candidate for governor and resides in Milton, I believe that these directed patrols to Hinckley Road are justified."

Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey doesn't seem to need police protection. Her house is on a private road overlooking the ocean in Beverly.


Healey gets an earful

Healey took in more than the hurling when she appeared at the Irish Sports Championships in Canton last weekend. She also got several earsful from immigration advocates eager to share their anger over the hard line she has taken against illegal immigrants on the campaign trail.

Some of the players in the sporting events she had gone to see were themselves illegal immigrants. The championship face-off between the teams from County Antrim and New York City was being held outside Ireland for the first time partly because some members of the New York team could not leave the United States and gain re-entry, said Ciaran Staunton , vice president of the New York-based Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform, formed to win paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

"There were a number of people confronting her," said Staunton , who was one of the people confronting her.

He said some people were booing Healey at the event, and that others, including "one of the ladies serving tea," gave Healey a hard time.

Staunton shook Healey's hand and told her he was upset that "she wants to classify all the Irish undocumented as criminals," he said. He said Healey told him she was in favor of more visas for Irish immigrants, and that he told her she was being "hypocritical, and that many Irish- Americans will have to bypass you on the ballot for this."

At one point, some mischievous soul handed Healey an Irish Lobby for Immigration T-shirt. "Legalize the Irish!" it blared.

Healey, accustomed to Irish humor from her days at Trinity College in Dublin smiled gamely as she held the T-shirt.

A picture was snapped, then this incongruous image was zapped hither and yon.


Students grade candidates

At William F. Pollard Middle School in Needham , an eighth-grade class is learning that no one gubernatorial candidate can satisfy all their interests, but one candidate will capture enough.

Patrick has most of the students' support, but some say he touts unrealistic goals. "He's trying to give everybody what they want," said Taylor Thomas , the lone Grace Ross supporter.

Students say the Green-Rainbow candidate is environmentally conscious, but should better maintain her appearance.

"Kerry Healey is very professional looking," said Jackie Condon , 13. "Grace Ross wears two different earrings."

Independent Christy Mihos drew student Matt Conroy's attention, "But I think that if he wins, he has to get a little more serious."

The students are required to volunteer for two hours either for their chosen candidate or by baby-sitting on Election Day.

Although Myra Anderson's daughter couldn't make her date with Healey, Anderson plans to intervene.

"I was very afraid that if she went to Wellesley, and she saw how nice the campaign people were dressed, I would lose her forever," she said. "I'm going to have my most fashionably dressed Democratic friends take her on a shopping spree."


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