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Democratic chairman hopeful vows to fight

GOP foe posts Internet video

CONCORD, N.H. -- Ray Buckley said Friday that he is still determined to become the next chairman of the state Democratic Party despite an attempt by his foes to derail his campaign with a suggestive video posted on the Internet.

The video prompted US Representative Paul Hodes to revoke his endorsement of Buckley, who dropped out of the race and later got back in after being accused and then cleared of child pornography possession charges.

"I have just reviewed a video on YouTube involving Ray Buckley, and found it highly disturbing. The proper authorities should look into the matter to determine the best course of action," Hodes said in a statement. "Under the circumstances I cannot support Ray Buckley for New Hampshire Democratic Party chair."

In the video, an unseen and unnamed narrator intersperses video of Buckley swearing at the camera with shots of a webpage on the social networking site Buckley is listed as one of 95 members of the group "Gays in New Hampshire." His picture appears on the site along with those of other members, including some who are shirtless or posed in suggestive positions.

Joe Kelly Levasseur, who posted the video, said he is not accusing Buckley of any crime but doesn't believe the leader of the state party should be affiliated with a site that could expose children to sexual content.

"I want the rest of the state of New Hampshire to know what Manchester knows . . . Ray Buckley is a creepy guy," Levasseur said Friday in a telephone interview.

"We have the first-in-the-nation primary coming to New Hampshire and I don't think that Ray Buckley should be the face of the Democrat Party or the face of New Hampshire. We already lost the . . . Old Man of the Mountain -- that was a great face for the state of New Hampshire, we sure don't need Ray Buckley up there."

Buckley did not return a phone call but provided a copy of an e-mail he sent to all members of the Democratic State Committee.

"I am a candidate for state chair and will not allow those who insist on carrying on this attack on me to be victorious," Buckley wrote.

"I am not going to allow their politics of personal destruction to derail our efforts to provide the future that the people of New Hampshire deserve."