Mazzaglia Denies Rape and Murder Despite Life Sentence

Seth Mazzaglia, the New Hampshire man convicted of raping and killing University of New Hampshire student Lizzi Marriott in October 2012, was in court Thursday and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Mazzaglia was also ordered to enroll in the state’s sex offender program and pay resitution to the Marriott family for travel expenses during the trial, mental health counseling, and Lizzi Marriot’s funeral expenses. He was also instructed to not have any direct or indirect contact with the Marriott family or his former girlfriend Kathryn McDonough, who was a witness for the state during the trial.

Mazzaglia was also given maximum sentences for two counts of conspiracy, amounting to seven years for both counts.

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Several reporters were in the courtroom as Marriott’s friends and family addressed Mazzaglia during the hearing. He was present in the room after withdrawing his attempt to avoid attending the sentencing. After hearing from Marriott’s friends and family, Mazzaglia spoke, claiming he did not rape and murder Marriott, but did take part in covering up her death. He apologized for dumping her body and said he understood Marriott’s family’s pain.