N.H. Woman Could Face Charges for Hosting Underage Drinking Party

Police claim a woman in Pelham, New Hampshire hosted a graduation party for her niece over the weekend that included alcohol and marijuana use by more than three dozen minors.

Fox 25 reported that investigators responded to the home of Sandra Whiting, 47, on Saturday after a concerned parent went there to pick up his son and alerted them to the situation. The parent told them he had to stop at least two teens from driving while under the influence.

Police said the concerned parent estimated that 40 or 50 minors were inside and had his son confirm the nature of the party. The report said that when officials approached the home, Whiting refused to allow them inside, forcing them to obtain a warrant first.

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Police said they then set up a perimeter and asked the party-goers to leave voluntarily. They also used the license plate numbers of cars parked nearby in order to contact parents about picking up their children. About 35 teens exited the home and were released to their parents or another adult.

Investigators were not able to get a warrant to enter the home until 4:20 a.m. CBS Boston reported that when they did they found five large bags of empty alcohol containers, a funnel, a marijuana grinder, a glass bong, and a marijuana joint. More minors were also located sleeping in the living room and attic.

Officials said that while the party is still under investigation, several minors could be facing charges and that Whiting will be arrested this week.

Pelham High School’s graduation was on Friday.