Police Search for Stroller Snatcher in N.H.

Police in Salem, N.H. say they’re on the lookout for a man who ran off with an 8-month-old baby on a local hiking path Thursday afternoon.

The suspect reportedly grabbed the infant’s stroller and ran away from its father, who chased the man, police said.

He was able to save his child after the man reportedly stopped running to pull the baby from the carriage, WHDH reports:

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"He gave chase, as he was approaching the subject, the subject was trying to remove his child from the baby stroller. He managed to get the baby stroller back with the baby and came out of the woods and called police," Sgt. Jason Smith of the Salem, N.H. police Department said.

Police were unable to find the suspect, described as a white male between 20 and 30 years old, 5-foot-10 with black hair, wearing a black sweater with a hood and tan cargo pants.

Anyone with more information is encouraged to call Salem Police at (603) 893-1911.