A witness to scandal

A friend of former Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi is under indictment for illegally lobbying legislators on behalf of ticket brokers. In a court document, Attorney General Martha Coakley described state Representative Thomas M. Petrolati as the main contact that DiMasi's friend, Richard Vitale, used to try to influence a bill. Petrolati's attorney, Jack St. Clair, said last year that his client "played no integral role, other than to vote on the bill because it was good legislation." St. Clair said key meetings with Petrolati in out-of-the-way locations, described by prosecutors, were chance encounters.

Prosecutors cited these e-mails, sent by Richard Vitale to James Holzman, who was president of the Massachusetts Association of Ticket Brokers. Holzman understood references to "he" and "him" to mean DiMasi, according to prosecutors.

"He spoke to [Representative Michael] Rodrigues and told him he wants to move it along faster. Not sure he can get it done until Sept and has to make sure he has senate buy in the way we want it. I have Petrolati on it starting on a daily basis. i [sic] gave him the NY legislation today."


"just got off the phone with Petrolati. Last night he was assigned to meet with Rodrigues to move it along. I'm out with him at a golf event today."


"I had mentioned a meeting today and that was the first thing on the agenda and Petro was instructed to go over to the Senate and find out what is going on. If they terminate you, that may not be all bad, because who ever they hire as a lobbyist will be a dead end street."

Read the full document from prosecutors.