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Medical marijuana in Massachusetts

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First medical marijuana dispensary licenses awarded to 20 businesses in Mass.

After much anticipation, state health officials today revealed the names of just 20 companies awarded licenses to operate medical marijuana dispensaries across 10 counties in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts sees 100 bids to open medical marijuana dispensaries

The list of companies vying to open Massachusetts’ first medical marijuana dispensaries has been pared down significantly, as roughly a third of those that survived the first-round cut in September chose not to go forward.

Needham planners to hold hearing on medical marijuana dispensary locations

Needham's Planning Board will hold a public hearing Tuesday, Feb. 4 on where medical marijuana dispensaries would be allowed to set up in town, officials announced recently.

Quincy makes plans for medical marijuana dispensaries

Plans to bring a medical marijuana dispensary into Quincy are moving forward, with Quincy officials making preliminary agreements to work with a facility.

Attorney General sets limits on town medical marijuana bans

Having rejected a medical marijuana moratorium that would have extended into 2015 and approved a moratorium that ends in December 2014, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office has developed a cut-off point for towns that want to extend temporary moratoriums on the fledgling industry.

Colo. study warns of dangers of children accidentally ingesting pot

With more people approved to buy medical pot, Colorado officials saw a jump in calls to poison control centers about children inadvertently eating marijuana-laced products like brownies, cookies, and candies, according to a study published online by JAMA Pediatrics.

Want a medical pot shop? Pony up $50,000

Regulations proposed by state health officials would require dispensaries granted a license to sell medical marijuana to pay an annual fee of $50,000 while patients would pay a $50 yearly registration fee. (5/24/13)
Prescription for pot? State says ask your doctor

Prescription for pot? State says ask your doctor

Draft rules for medical marijuana use in Massachusetts largely leave it up to doctors to decide which patients will qualify for treatment with the drug. (3/29/13)
Medical pot businesses look to Mass. for opportunities

Medical pot businesses look to Mass. for opportunities

Several companies in Colorado — the epicenter of the nation’s medical marijuana industry — are eager to capitalize on the expected “green rush” as Massachusetts’ medical marijuana program gets off the ground. (3/6/13)

State strikes down Wakefield's ban on pot dispensaries

The state attorney general's office struck down Wakefield's ban on medical marijuana dispensaries, ruling that towns can regulate, but not prohibit the centers. (3/13/13)


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