Massachusetts water crisis

A catastrophic water main leak in Weston on May 1 forced a boil-water order for about 2 million residents in 30 Eastern Massachusetts communities. The boil order was lifted early on May 4 after a fix to the leak was made and tests showed clean water flowing to the communities.

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Report: Wrong studs led to 2010 water main break

A clamp joining two giant water pipes failed last May largely because it was held together by wrong-sized studs, investigators said in a report on the cause of the massive water main break that cut off clean drinking water to nearly 2 million residents of the Boston area for more than two days. (Boston Globe)

Missing coupling that caused water crisis found

After two months of searching, MWRA crews in Weston said they recovered a 10-foot wide pipe connector that burst open and disrupted the water supply for 2 million people in Greater Boston in May.
(Boston Globe, 7/15/10)

Flow restored, answers sought

With clean water flowing again in Greater Boston, officials began investigating the cause of the pipe rupture that left up to 2 million people without drinkable tap water for 59 hours. (Boston Globe, 5/5/10)

Obama OK's funds for water crisis

The president signed a declaration to help pay for some of the cost spent in the water crisis. The area's boil order is expected to be lifted within 48 hours. (Boston Globe, 5/3/10)

DeLeo calls for pipe break investigation

House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said that he would work with the governor and Senate President Therese Murray to hold hearings about the pipe break, perhaps later this week. (Boston Globe, 5/2/10)
Failure came before backup could be finished

Failure came before backup could be finished

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority engineers knew it was a race against time to build a backup system to ensure Greater Boston residents have clean water to drink. (Boston Globe, 5/2/10)

Cambridge becomes an oasis in quest for clean water

With millions of people in Greater Boston forced to boil water, Cambridge was one of the few municipalities where residents could drink safely from the tap. (Boston Globe, 5/2/10)
MGH staff calmly rises to challenge

MGH staff calmly rises to challenge

As the water crisis grew, few places were as susceptible to potential trouble as hospitals, where sanitation is always an urgent priority. And few have as massive a challenge as Mass. General. (Boston Globe, 5/2/10)


How to get clean water in your faucets

The boil order is over. Here's what you need to do to ensure you have clean water.
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