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1. Death penalty. All five Democrats running for Massachusetts governor said today that they are against putting accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death. So is the editorial board of the Harvard Crimson. If Tsarnaev is found guilty, should he be sentenced to die? Do you oppose the death penalty generally but support it in the case of Tsarnaev? Take our poll.

2. Sochi is a mess. Seems like to have to be in Sochi to appreciate and understand just what it’s like. Luckily, journalists from all around the world are live-tweeting their insane and disgusting experiences. The water is dark yellow and possibly dangerous. The toilets are bizarre. There are strange signs. Is there enough Greek yogurt for everyone? Not only is there not enough, there is NO CHOBANI AT ALL. And don’t forget the dogs. Also, the Jamaican bobsled team’s luggage has gone missing. And electronic devices of all visitors are immediately hacked. But I mean, really, how bad is it? It’s bad. Here’s a collection of photos to illustrate the sad and strange catastrophe that is Putin’s Olympic Games. And a rundown of all the ways Sochi isn’t ready. And if you want to hear more, just follow the dedicated Twitter account set up to chronicle #sochiproblems. On a related topic, has anyone told Putin that the Olympics have always been “a little gay.”

3. Let it snow. Want to know what makes for a smooth MBTA commute? A ton of snow, apparently. You know it’s bad out there when even the giant plow can’t get traction. Is it cold enough for you? Well, according to one news report, temperatures dipped as low as minus 50 degrees in Salem. Via Reddit. Now THAT is cold.

4. Post Mortem. Terrible things get written all the time, but the first paragraph of this article about Philip Seymour Hoffman just might take the cake for the most absurd sentence ever penned. Boston’s own Seth Mnookin on the long and often bumpy path from addiction to recovery. Four arrests made in New York were at first reported to be linked to the Hoffman death investigation. But the NYPD is now denying that there’s a connection.

5. Also … You won’t be able to buy your disgusting cigarettes at CVS anymore. Michelle Obama supports the move, but it would appear the financial markets are less than thrilled. But don’t worry. CVS isn’t going all Whole Foods on us. They still offer lots of other ways to continue your unhealthy lifestyle. What is a day in the life of a DCF worker really like? Barbara Walters is defending Woody Allen. But what about Bill Cosby? Bill Nye (the science guy) squared off in a debate with a creationist. The entire debate is long, but you can still watch it in less time than creationists say God took to create everything. Remember those old guys without shirts who performed in the Super Bowl halftime show? They faked it. Joe Biden is still the guy next door tinkering with his car in the driveway. Never change, Joe Biden. Will Ferrell did an AMA, and it was pretty great. Kids cry for the stupidest reasons. The women of Wellesley College would prefer not to see creepy naked man art installations on campus. (I think it’s safe to say the same goes for women EVERYWHERE.)

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