The new meat market for male politicians: Massachusetts

Photo at right courtesy Saturn Partners/White Loft Studio
Photo at right courtesy Saturn Partners/White Loft Studio

Is Massachusetts becoming a hotbed of hot male candidates?

This morning, independent Jeff McCormick announced his official candidacy for Massachusetts governor, rounding out the field to an even ten declared candidates.

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McCormick’s has fewer Twitter followers than there are cities and towns in Massachusetts. But don’t discount his chances to make big strides in the coming months. I mean just look at those perfectly paired outfits. That effortless smile.

Candidates that at first appear best suited for the pages of a Lands’ End catalog seem to resonate with Massachusetts voters.

Mitt was the pioneer. Perfectly, perfectly coiffed Mitt. But then came Scott Brown, who posed nude back in 1982 for Cosmopolitan. And who made a shirtless appearance just this past weekend. Romney never did a centerfold, but we did get a recent glimpse in a snug bathrobe.

And now McCormick. So far, we have yet to see McCormick any way but fully clothed. But the gubernatorial election is still nine months away. There’s plenty of time.

An update, from McCormick himself: “Probably won’t be taking my shirt off at least until the snow melts.”

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