1. Simpler times. Chet Curtis represented TV news in Boston when TV news in Boston was something you wanted to represent. He died this morning. For a look back at Curtis’ long career, check out this retrospective and listen to WBUR’s radio piece. The world of TV news is changing, but a teenager once obsessed with the topic now has his own national show talking about it. If all this has you hankering for the good old days, you’ll appreciate these vintage Mac reviews and this old Radio Shack ad.

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2. Rich are financiers eating cheeseburgers. In Switzerland. Davos is underway in Switzerland this week. (In case you’re blissfully unaware of the nerd spectacle that is Davos, it’s the weeklong annual meeting where the world’s financial power brokers get together and decide how to, you know, make more money.) The Pope is asking the 2,633 attendees to be less selfish. But there’s a code of secrecy, so who knows what they’re really up to. Basically, what happens at Davos stays at Davos. We do know they offer some super expensive cheeseburgers. And don’t forget the regular people, who live in Davos this week as well as the other 51 weeks a year when the conference isn’t taking place. But let’s say you’re not a financially minded elitist spending the week rubbing shoulders with bigwigs. Don’t worry. You can learn all you really need to know with this simple chart that explains all of economic history.

3. Why so shady? As part of his neverending obsession with the intersection of crime and politics, Howie Carr wonders why all shady politicians have ties to Massachusetts. Meanwhile local politicians are now hashing out their shady deals at a Beacon Hill eatery that sounds a lot more like a girl band than a restaurant. And speaking of shady politics, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is in the news this week, again, as he is all weeks. This time it’s because of a video of a drunken rant in Jamaican Creole. And then, because the Internet, someone turned it into a Jamaican dancehall remix.As if all that wasn’t enough, today Ford explained being an hour late to a speech by saying he was stuck in an elevator. Sure Rob, sure.

4. Enough slut-shaming. A 23-year old Fitchburg teacher is in deep trouble after posting sexy photos online. In a state full of people obsessed with Gisele’s bikini shots, this is ridiculous. (In case you’re unclear on slut-shaming.) But, if you’re someone who does have sex and doesn’t feel huge shame in reading about the existence of sex, this is a handy guide of what to eat and what not to eat before you partake.

5. Last but not least. Early this morning, Justin Bieber was arrested for drunken drag racing. (The only comforting thing about this is that he doesn’t appear quite stupid enough to have made a decision to drag race while sober.) Here’s the arrest report. It’s worth noting that Bieber has a long and sordid criminal history. Moving on. If you’re using your real name for Starbucks orders, you’re doing it wrong. It’s cold outside. Icy too. It turns out black ice is caused by the fumes from your car’s exhaust system. Looking to get really rich (and married!) in one of the most shameful ways imaginable? A Hong Kong father desperate to see his daughter wed an American is doubling the amount he offered last year. But is $120 million enough to have Cecil Cho father in law? (I’m going with “no.”) And last, there’s a giant boat is making its way through the Atlantic Ocean. Without people on board. But don’t worry, rats are navigating the boat when they’re not busy eating each other.

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