OMG. It snowed 4 inches.

Boston schools? Cancelled.

Hey kids, you don’t have to go to school today! So go out and have fun trying to build snowmen with this 4-inch dusting of snow.

State of the State speech? Cancelled.

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Instead of addressing the future of the Commonwealth yesterday evening, Governor Deval Patrick gave the state what it really craves: a snowstorm press conference, complete with requisite casual snow attire, which for Patrick meant unbuttoning his top shirt button and unbuttoning his blazer.

The Mayor? Canceling school and answering phones.

Of his decision to cancel school in Boston today, Walsh says he’d rather be safe than sorry. Walsh knows that children grow into teenagers, and then voters. He was photographed last night, hard at work answering snow questions at the mayor’s 24-hour hotline. Because that’s how we want Walsh to spend his valuable time. (BRB, calling the mayor’s hotline to ask whether wearing a hat and coat is really the way to go.)

Grocery stores? Packed.

Do you live on 20 acres in western Massachusetts and have no access to a vehicle? Are you very old or otherwise disabled? Are you an infant living alone? Unless the answer is yes, you can probably avoid the panicked snowstorm grocery store excursion.

Traffic? A nightmare.

There was a several hour period yesterday evening where traffic in Boston was, admittedly, a mess. Which is crazy because generally cars just breeze through the streets of Boston.

Admittedly, some areas of the state were hit with more than four inches of snow. But it’s January. This is Boston. It snowed last night. It’s supposed to snow. You should worry if it doesn’t snow. Oh and guess what? It’s cold out there. Really cold. Or, as you’ll hear a thousand times today “bitter cold.” So cancel everything! Hunker down! Stay indoors! Stock up on flashlights and food and water! God knows it’s only this cold around here every week or so.

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