1. City of thugs.

Boston came out on top in a statistical analysis of the use of the word “thug.” In just two minutes time, WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan show managed to say “thug” twelve times. For the record, I’ve only said “thug” 9 times in the past two minutes.

2. Missing Mitt.

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It’s not just spectators who are getting worried about traveling to Sochi for the Olympics. Athletes and their families are, too. There’s a time and place for hoaxes. Not now. And not this. On a lighter note, The Daily Show handicapped the Olympics.

3. For the love of the money.

If you manage to come up with a perfect March Madness bracket (which you won’t), Warren Buffett will pay you a billion dollars. With three weeks left until pitchers and catchers report to spring training, the Yankees are hard at work trying to buy themselves a winning team. The Patriots won’t be in the Superbowl, but the stars of Full House will.

4. A country divided.

Glenn Beck apologized for dividing the country. (Which was a nice reminder that Glenn Beck still exists). Can New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte fix all that’s wrong with the Republican party?

5. Snow fail.

Let’s not even focus on the snow in Boston, because four inches doesn’t count. On to New York! A giant $450,000 glass panel was broken by a rogue snow blower. What do you do when you want Taco Bell but there’s a snowstorm and your car doesn’t have four-wheel drive?

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