EMTs whose licenses were suspended

Here are the 213 EMTs whose licenses have been suspended for falsifying their training records, according to the state Dept. of Public Health. The suspensions range from 45 days to two years. The two EMTs the state alleges operated the scheme to fake recertification courses had their licenses permanently revoked.
Last NameFirst NameEmployerSuspension
AkstinJeff JHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
AllenStephenAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
AlmendarezKarla GArmstrong9 months
AquinoCarlos FCambridge Police Dept.9 months
ArchambaultChristopher JTrinity45 days
AveryTricia MAtlantic / Cataldo45 days
AveryDonald DNot working for service45 days
BarberEdwardAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
Barry JrWilliam JCambridge Fire Dept. / Armstrong9 months
BatchelderScott LHaverhill Fire Dept.45 days
BaxPeter ATrinity9 months
BelangerJoseph AArmstrong9 months
BelschnerDaniel RArmstrong9 months
BerryLeah JAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
BettencourtDavid AArmstrong9 months
BreenRobert TTrinity9 months
BrienzaHoracio DBoston Fire Dept.9 months
BuglerRyan TTrinity45 days
CahillJoseph EHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
CahoonGeorge BBoston Fire Dept.9 months
CallahanLaurieAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
CallahanMatthew SBoston Fire Dept.9 months
CammarataGuy JBoston Fire Dept.9 months
CapobiancoMarieAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
CarrollWilliam MArmstrong45 days
CarrollThomas JBoston Fire Dept.9 months
CaseyKimberly JArmstrong9 months
CenterMichael RAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
ChadbourneJamesAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
ChristoforoMatthew JBoston Fire Dept.9 months
Isenhart JrMaurice CArmstrong9 months
CloughCraig WTrinity9 months
ConnorAndrewTrinity and Fire Protection9 months
CordovaTelly MBoston Fire Dept.9 months
CotterChristopher MTrinity and Townsend Municipal9 months
CourtemancheRoland ATrinity9 months
CoutureLeo FTrinity9 months
CulletonMark SLexington Fire Dept. and Atlantic / CataldoPermanent revocation
DantonioBryan JAMR9 months
DavisWilliam RWinchendon Fire Dept. and Trinity9 months
DeavilaJesuinoAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
DemeuleJeffreyAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
DesellPaula ATrinity9 months
DipasqualeDavid ATrinity9 months
DiranianAlexa MArmstrong9 months
DobbinsWilliam BArmstrong9 months
DodierDennis FArmstrong9 months
DolanDavid KRN / Trinity9 months
DonovanMichael ACambridge Fire Dept.9 months
DouglasMichael BAMR45 days
DuffTimothy EHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
DufortEricAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
DwanEricAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
EarnshawMarie-Jean HRN at nursing home9 months
EastmanDavid OArmstrong9 months
EatonCheryl ATrinity9 months
Eaton JrRonald MTrinity9 months
EckelkampGregory GTrinity9 months
EmersonDaniel WArmstrong45 days
FalesEdward MCambridge Fire Dept.45 days
FarmerDavidAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
FetterolfJames RRN at Lowell General9 months
FieldsRoland WTrinity45 days
FisherEric JArmstrong9 months
FliterMichael TTrinity9 months
FoleyJosephLexington Fire Dept.9 months
FoleyMichelle RNot working for service9 months
FredetteAlexander FHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
GallagherJohn MBoston Fire Dept.9 months
Gardner SrDennis JTrinity9 months
Gariepy JrRobert DHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
GivenJeffrey WHaverhill Fire Dept. and Trinity2 years
GonzalezPedro OCambridge Fire Dept. / Cataldo9 months
GonzalezBrenda PN/A9 months
GormanPeter TAMR45 days
GrahamJamesHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
GrantDaniel RArmstrong9 months
GrantGeorgeAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
GrantKeith WHaverhill Fire Dept.45 days
GrennonJohn MAtlantic / Cataldo and State Examiner9 months and
revocation of state examiner
HaakenstadBrian RTrinity9 months
HaleyJacquelyn AAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
HaleyJohn WCohasset Fire Dept. and Atlantic9 months
HancockDonaldBillerica Police9 months
HebertJohnTrinity9 months
HeckendorfWilliam GNot working for service9 months
HendersonNicholas FTrinity and Northeast9 months
HillChristopher DArmstrong9 months
HindsJames RHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
HockingMichael EBoston Fire Dept.9 months
HorneMark RArmstrong9 months
HumphreyPeterHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
HutchinsonSharon TNot working for service9 months
IrvineRobert BHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
JardineJames CHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
JonesAnthony MTrinity9 months
JordanDawnAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
KatesMichael RBoston Fire Dept.9 months
KeenanStephen LSomerville Fire Dept.45 days
KelleyJon DTrinity9 months
KellyRachel MNot working for service9 months
KenneyJames JBoston Fire Dept.9 months
KetchValerie LArmstrong9 months
KlagWilliamAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
KlinglerSteven WTrinity9 months
KozaMichael DTrinity9 months
LaffertyAndrew DHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
LaingBradford MArmstrong9 months
LalibertyWilliam FHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
LarosePaulAtlantic / Cataldo / Spaulding9 months
LattanziMichael AArmstrong9 months
LeeMichaelAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
LemieuxJustin PTrinity9 months
LericheDavid TTrinity9 months
LinkChristopher CHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
LusignanLisa MArmstrong9 months
MackayJamesAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
MackinnonJohn WBoston Fire Dept.9 months
MannionEric TTrinity9 months
MarashioJoseph FArmstrong45 days
MarashioMark JArmstrong9 months
MarchantJames FArmstrong9 months
MartinsRoy JArmstrong9 months
McbrideJohn JArmstrong45 days
MccarthyMichael SBoston Fire Dept.9 months
McdonaldDavidAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
McgrathRobert JBoston Fire Dept.9 months
Mckee JrBruce JN/A9 months
MendozaPaul NAMR9 months
MerrittPhilip SAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
MontoyaJoseph ABoston Fire Dept.9 months
MontoyaDavid JBoston Fire Dept.9 months
MoriartyJeffrey AHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
MorrisseyJohn FAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
MullalyJonathan WAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
MullinsMeganAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
MusgraveStaceyAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
MustoDanielAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
NaultLeo FTrinityPermanent revocation
NickelLindsayRN9 months
NuttleChristopher SArmstrong9 months
O'BrienThomas LBelmont 911 Dispatcher9 months
O'ConnellJoseph FAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
O'MeliaMichaelChildren's Hospital Boston9 months
OuelletteNicholasEssex Fire Dept. and Atlantic / Cataldo9 months
PaltrineriAlex WArmstrong9 months
PaskalisAaronLexington Fire Dept.9 months
PatenaudeJenniferAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
PateyNicholasAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
PavoneMichael JBoston Fire Dept.9 months
PelletierJasonAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
PeroLiam JBoston Fire Dept.9 months
PettisLance EHaverhill Fire Dept.45 days
PeuffierRobert AAMR45 days
PooreJustin LHaverhill Fire Dept.45 days
PowerBrian MArmstrong9 months
PriegoLuis LBoston Fire Dept.9 months
ProsniewskiMikeAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
PulsStephen WArmstrong9 months
ReedPeter JArmstrong9 months
ReidPhilip PArmstrong9 months
RhyndJulie MArmstrong9 months
RileyTimothy FHaverhill Fire Dept. and Health-Tech45 days
RitchieJohnLexington Fire Dept.9 months
RobinsonGeorge-ArthurLexington Fire Dept.9 months
RodriguezMelissaTrinity9 months
Rodriguez JrEdgarBoston Fire Dept.9 months
RuizDannyAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
RuppleAdriana CNot working for service9 months
RuppleJeffrey GTrinity and Townsend Municipal9 months
RyanStephen FHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
SantamariaDavid PNot working for service9 months
SantosJamieAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
SarretteGeorge EHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
SchofieldMark WArmstrong9 months
SchofieldTonia AAtlantic / Cataldo2 years
SchofieldMarkLexington Fire Dept.9 months
SciaraLeeanne EAtlantic / Cataldo45 days
SellonBrian MBoston Fire Dept.9 months
SharpeJoseph JArmstrong9 months
SmithKimberlyAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
SpectorLawrence SRN at Concord45 days
SteadDarren RArmstrong9 months
SteadDavid ALifeline9 months
SteinGary PNot working for service9 months
SteinleJens DArmstrong9 months
StellaDarlene MNot working for service9 months
StempienScottHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
SullivanMichael JHaverhill Fire Dept.45 days
SullivanEric RHaverhill Fire Dept.45 days
SundeMichael CArmstrong9 months
SwalesJoseph JTrinity9 months
TortolaMichael PBelmont 911 Dispatcher9 months
TraversDdNot working for service9 months
TremblayKenLexington Fire Dept.9 months
TuftsBeverly JN/A9 months
ValdezVictorArmstrong2 years
VathAlexanderAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
VincolaChristian LArmstrong9 months
WakelinGina MRN9 months and revocation of instructor/coordinator
WalshDaniel FArmstrong and Belmont 911 dispatch9 months
Waris, Jr.DavidAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
WeinburghPaul AHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
WhiteCharles FArmstrong2 years
WhiteRobertAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
WhittenPaulLynn Fire Dept.9 months
WildesBrian AHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
Wills, JrGordon ATrinity9 months
WunderlichMarc AHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
YehTracyAtlantic / Cataldo9 months
YoungMark AHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months
YoungTracy LTrinity9 months
ZainoMichaelHaverhill Fire Dept.9 months