100 highest paid Mass. state workers

The following chart shows the 100 highest paid Massachusetts state workers for 2008. It includes only the employees of regular state agencies. It does not include employees of authorities and commissions, such as the MBTA, Massport, or the Pension Reserves Investment Management Board, which have traditionally paid some of state government's highest salaries. The earnings figure includes base salary and other sources, such as grants or overtime. The list can be sorted by clicking on any column label. SOURCE: State of Massachusetts.
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RankNameDept.Job title2008 earnings
1Lovley, Derek RUMass systemAssociate Dean, College of Natural Resources and Environment613,065.44
2Collins, Michael FUMass systemChancellor, UMass Medical School609,470.13
3Flotte, Terence RUMass systemExec. Dep. Chancellor Provost & Dean549,254.84
4Manning, Thomas DUMass systemDeputy Chancellor522,085.15
5Ambrosino, DonnaUMass systemExec. Dir., Mass. Biologics508,510.86
6Pagnam, Charles JUMass systemVice Chancellor, Development476,013.49
7Aghababian, Richard VUMass systemAssociate Vice Chancellor458,947.61
8Wilson, Jack MUMass systemUMass President436,261.48
9Irwin, Richard StephenUMass systemProfessor431,024.45
10Habib, FarajallahUMass systemAssociate Professor425,743.96
11Woda, Bruce AUMass systemProfessor422,874.33
12Jehle, FrankUMass systemAssistant Professor409,480.05
13Murphy, Joyce AUMass systemVice Deputy Chancellor CWM-COO401,710.45
14Rock, Kenneth LUMass systemChairman of Department378,396.68
15Lazare, AaronUMass systemDean Emeritus, UMass Medical School371,553.12
16Okike, NsidinanyaUMass systemProfessor367,368.76
17Phillips, David AUMass systemAssociate Professor362,085.73
18Balikian, Jerry PUMass systemProfessor360,756.73
19Ockene, Ira SUMass systemProfessor342,180.27
20Nakosteen, Robert A.UMass systemProfessor335,885.94
21Peterson, Robert PaulUMass systemChief Information Officer335,559.12
22Stein, Gary SUMass systemChairman of Department327,090.56
23Julian Jr, James R.UMass systemExecutive Vice President, UMass318,502.18
24Williams, Marcellette GUMass systemStaff Administrator318,414.76
25Meehan, MartinUMass systemChancellor, UMass Lowell316,965.34
26Jenal, Robert EUMass systemVice Chancellor, Administration & Finance312,596.93
27MacCormack, Jean F.UMass systemChancellor, UMass Dartmouth311,910.93
28Moss, Lawrence JUMass systemAssociate Professor309,756.63
29Gore, Joel MUMass systemProfessor306,481.56
30Motley, James KeithUMass systemChancellor, UMass Boston303,337.53
31Pape, Linda AUMass systemProfessor302,788.82
32Czech, Michael PUMass systemProfessor301,800.57
33Russell, Thomas PUMass systemDistinguished University Prof., UMass Amherst292,994.26
34Cryz, Stanley JUMass systemProfessor287,396.57
35Bisgaard-Frantzen, SorenUMass systemProfessor285,625.35
36Trafford, Pamela SUMass systemSenior Lecturer, UMass Amherst282,438.10
37Finch, JohnUMass systemDeputy Director, Business Development and Operations282,382.56
38Paraskos, John AUMass systemProfessor281,497.85
39Stoff, Jeffrey SUMass systemProfessor279,866.01
40Altieri, Dario C.UMass systemProfessor279,489.55
41Reppert, StevenUMass systemChairman of Department277,727.53
42Seymour, Charlena M.UMass systemProvost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UMass Amherst274,748.00
43Houghton, JeanmarieUMass systemAssociate Professor272,089.41
44Matthews, Charles RobertUMass systemChairman of Department271,629.42
45Steingard, Ronald JUMass systemAssociate Vice Chancellor & Chief Medical Officer, CWM, UMass Medical School271,622.94
46Butterfield, David AUMass systemDean, School of Management270,600.87
47Aronin, NeilUMass systemProfessor269,934.99
48McNamara, James PUMass systemExec Dir, Ofc of Tech Mgmt267,765.95
49Sullivan, John LUMass systemVice Provost for Research265,616.51
50Muthukumar, MurugappanUMass systemWilmer D. Barrett Professor265,310.60
51Kurose, James F.UMass systemDean, Natural Science & Math263,578.36
52Sperounis, FrederickUMass systemExec Dir Instit Econ Plan &Dev262,526.53
53Kellogg, Derek WUMass systemHead Basketball Coach, UMass Amherst260,557.84
54Clydesdale, Fergus M.UMass systemDistinguished Professor, UMass Amherst259,723.07
55Jacobson, Allan SUMass systemProfessor259,545.04
56Gierasch, Lila MUMass systemDistinguished Professor255,631.65
57Mannino, Ronald C.UMass systemChairman of Dept., UMass Amherst255,044.38
58Smith, Thomas WUMass systemProfessor254,822.85
59Moloney, JacquelineUMass systemExecutive Vice Chancellor254,230.87
60Croft, William BUMass systemDistinguished Univ Prof, UMass Amherst253,534.52
61Kostecki, Paul T.UMass systemVice Provost, UMass252,473.42
62Nields, Henry MChief Medical ExaminerActing Chief Medical Examiner250,000.00
63Towsley, Donald F.UMass systemDistinguished Univ Prof, UMass Amherst247,731.48
64Smith, Katherine VUMass systemStaff Administrator247,600.00
65Lesser, Victor R.UMass systemProfessor247,107.79
66Ockene, Judith KUMass systemInterim Vice Provost / Faculty AFF, UMass Medical School246,906.11
67McCutcheon, John FUMass systemAthletic Director244,987.54
68Molrine, Deborah CUMass systemAssociate Professor244,804.35
69Fonteyn, Paul J.UMass systemSenior Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs & Provost244,498.42
70Brashear-Alejandro, Thomas GUMass systemAssociate Professor241,795.35
71Lenhardt, Stephen WUMass systemStaff Administrator241,565.41
72Malone, Michael F.UMass systemDean, Engineering240,935.83
73Treistman, StevenUMass systemProfessor238,579.43
74Weinstein, Bruce RUMass systemAssociate Professor238,554.58
75Karellas, AndrewUMass systemProfessor238,492.07
76Hatch, Joyce M.UMass systemVice Chancellor Administration & Finance238,405.70
77Osterweil, Leon JoelUMass systemProfessor238,148.00
78Grinstein, GeorgesUMass systemProfessor237,808.55
79Peters, Linda M LUMass systemLecturer236,585.18
80Mohler-Faria, Dana ABridgewater StatePresident235,797.84
81Sloan, Katherine HMass. College of Art and DesignPresident235,533.42
82Mackenzie, David J.UMass systemStaff Associate234,692.02
83Ferrucci, Joseph TUMass systemPhysician (Dual)233,520.04
84Weng, ZhipingUMass systemProfessor233,436.29
85Stevenson, MarioUMass systemProfessor232,857.34
86Antonucci, Robert VFitchburg StatePresident232,693.78
87Seymour Route, Paulette AUMass systemDean, Grad. School of Nursing232,556.68
88Brown, Donald AUMass systemHead Football Coach, UMass Amherst232,537.10
89Carruthers, AnthonyUMass systemDean, Grad Sch of Biomed Sci232,191.52
90Bradley, Raymond SUMass systemDistinguished Professor231,932.03
91Pugnaire, Michele PUMass systemSr. Assoc. Dean of Education231,307.39
92Dubach, John F.UMass systemCIO/Spec Asst. to Chancellor230,967.57
93Cowan, Carole AMiddlesex Community CollegePresident230,618.39
94Hsu, Shaw L.UMass systemHead of Department230,598.09
95Heard, Stephen OUMass systemPhysician (Dual)230,544.69
96Rotea, Mario AUMass systemHead of Department230,435.13
97Parker, John BChief Medical ExaminerPhysician Specialist229,968.58
98Singh, Bal RUMass systemProfessor229,090.76
99Finberg, Robert WUMass systemPhysician (Dual)228,415.48
100Hallock, Robert B.UMass systemDistinguished Univ Prof, UMass Amherst228,237.56