Messages for Mayor Menino

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s hot line, 617-635-4500, received 93 calls so far this year from people simply wanting him to know their thoughts. Here are the messages as logged by the city.
Call date Message
Jan. 1, 2008 Very unhappy with lack of television coverage of First Night in Boston!!!
Jan. 2, 2008 Requesting to speak with the Mayor regarding being informed by the Boston Police that he cannot take the police exam unless he goes to school. His mother called this office stating she was referred here for information regarding this matter.
Jan. 3, 2008 Caller states Mayor was on TV saying how clean Boston is, however, she disagrees. Eighth St for instance "is filthy from one end to the other, especially near the Congress Street end."
Jan. 5, 2008 Calling from Ballston Park NY. Complaining that she was in Boston on New Year's Eve, snow emergency was called although it did not snow and her vehicle was ticketed and towed. Feels this is unfair.
Jan. 5, 2008 Caller thinks Mayor Menino is the best Mayor Boston has ever had. Hopes he continues on for many years to come!!! Would like to thank him for his dedicated service to the residents of the city of Boston!!!
Jan. 6, 2008 Caller wants the Mayor to know that she resents his recorded message on her phone asking her to attend meeting in N.H. supporting Senator Hillary Clinton and her ex-president husband. Wants the Mayor to know that she would not vote for her as she is the devil incarnated.
Jan. 7, 2008 Would like to be on record with this office that she is very much against Mayor Menino making phone calls to his constituents asking them to go to New Hampshire in support of Senator Clinton. Caller states she supports Senator Obama!!
Jan. 7, 2008 Caller is very upset with the "obvious corruption" within the Boston Police Department and Boston fire Department. They are "running circles" around the Mayor!!! More needs to be done to stop them!!!
Jan. 9, 2008 Newton resident feels that the "Newton City Blog" (did not provide URL) has had very many entries that are inaccurate and tarnishing of the late Teddy Mann's accomplishments and legacy. Is aware that Mayor Menino and the late Mayor Mann were good friends
Jan. 11, 2008 Caller wanted Mayor to know that she is opposed to the idea of mini clinics. Concerned that it may start at CVS and then spread to other sites such as Target. Feels public would be further at health risks with sick people gathering in such a public place.
Jan. 11, 2008 Caller formerly worked at the Caritas St. Elizabeth Medical Center and served on the Brighton Board of Trade. He wanted the Mayor to know that he strongly supports him on the issue of CVS providing medical care.
Jan. 11, 2008 Caller states, I am in favor of CVS opening up clinics. I think it is a wonderful idea.
Jan. 11, 2008 Caller was very happy to hear that the Mayor is opposed to the insipid ideas of mini clinics at the stores.
Jan. 11, 2008 Caller would like to congratulate the Mayor for his stand against CVS.
Jan. 14, 2008 Requests the Mayor serve as an honorary chair for a charitable dinner.
Jan. 15, 2008 Wanted Mayor to be made aware that if Obama visits Boston there should be heightened security to keep him safe. Also feels Boston and Jerusalem would make great sister cities. Feels Mayor should allow arbitration to assist with firefighter negotiations.
Jan. 15, 2008 Caller states, I urge Mayor to stand up to firefighters and not give in to pressure and to expose the facts about the fire department and firefighters union leader Edward Kelly to the press.
Jan. 15, 2008 Caller states, I urge Mayor to stand up to fire fighters. I am tired of the union running the city.
Jan. 15, 2008 Caller states, I want the Mayor to not back down to the police and fire unions.
Jan. 16, 2008 Caller stated that all city employees and state employees should have to go through a drug screening before being hired, especially police officers and fire fighters, even the ones that have been working for years..
Jan. 16, 2008 Caller states, I am pleased with the Mayor's State of the City speech. It was awesome. I hope disputes w/ the firefighters will turn out good.
Jan. 16, 2008 Caller states, tell the Mayor to keep pressure on the fire department. Don't back down, stick to your guns. Keep up the good work. Good job on the speech (State of the City).
Jan. 16, 2008 Caller is life long resident of West Roxbury. He would like the Mayor to know that he feels he should be much more supportive of the Boston Fire Department and not impose any more rules or regulations on them as they already have enough.
Jan. 16, 2008 Caller wanted Mayor made aware that there are several school staff members from the Perry School who were very impressed with his state of the city address last night. She wants him to know that they heard great feedback throughout the staff.
Jan. 16, 2008 Caller states the Mayor is doing a "GREAT JOB" with his decision regarding the Boston Fire Department and the need for drug testing. This is absolutely necessary according to caller and thinks the Mayor gave a great speech last night.
Jan. 17, 2008 Caller supports Mayor on issue of firefighter substance testing and feels that additional pressure needs to be placed on the subject of abuse of retirement and injury-related benefits
Jan. 18, 2008 Caller stated that she is upset because the mayor stated that non essential staff should not go to work due to the snow storm.
Jan. 22, 2008 In regards to the Patti LaBelle concert, caller states senior citizens shouldn't have to wait outside in the cold. Caller suggests that next time tickets have seating numbers on them so people can go in & find their seat.
Jan. 22, 2008 Caller states, I support the Mayor putting money into schools rather than spending it on gas for school buses.
Jan. 23, 2008 Caller wants mayor to support the Carney Hospital. She is calling on behalf herself and her son.
Jan. 25, 2008 Issues with budget allocations for the Office of community Planning and Development's (CPD) formula programs.
Jan. 28, 2008 Caller feels that city should throw a large dance/party for everyone who doesn't own a gun/knife for a small fee and those who own weapons will want to get rid of them after seeing what a great time everyone is having.
Jan. 30, 2008 Caller voiced her opposition and displeasure with the Mayor's decision to hold the Patriots parade on the same as the presidential primary elections will be held. She states that it is hard enough to get people to get out and vote.
Jan. 30, 2008 Beacon Hill resident strongly opposes Patriots rally scheduled on Super Tuesday. In addition to the conflict w/ the civic needs of primary voters, thoughtless attendees will trash the new fixtures and plantings on Cambridge Street.
Jan. 30, 2008 Outraged at the message that Mayor Menino is sending to the residents of the city of Boston, especially the younger vote. How can we possibly even begin to imply that the Patriots rally could ever come close to the importance of the election!
Jan. 30, 2008 Caller loves the Mayor but is displeased with the decision to have the parade on the same day as the elections. She states that some things are more important than a football team winning a championship, even though she is a great Patriots fan.
Jan. 30, 2008 Caller states the Mayor's remarks at a funeral were splendid and extremely helpful.
Jan. 31, 2008 Very bad idea to have Patriots rally on election day! Why not just have it the following week???
Jan. 31, 2008 Very bad idea to have Patriots rally on election day. Please reconsider!
Jan. 31, 2008 Opposes scheduling of Patriots Parade on Super Tuesday. Feels that this demonstrates "extreme case of misplaced priorities on Mayor's part"
Jan. 31, 2008 Caller states, I am opposed to there being a Patriots parade on the same day as election Tuesday. If Tuesday is the only day to have the parade then there shouldn't be one.
Jan. 31, 2008 Would like the Mayor to know that she is very happy with the Carney Hospital and comes from the Cape to be treated there!!!
Jan. 31, 2008 Would like to share information with the Mayor regarding his ideas and views on assistance with foreclosures.
Feb. 1, 2008 Caller states, I am opposed to there being a Patriots parade on election day. I'm a Patriots fan but I hope they don't win because a parade would be a distraction for voters.
Feb. 1, 2008 Caller states that it is irresponsible for the Mayor to allow the parade to go on on Tuesday.
Feb. 1, 2008 Caller states that the parade should not be held on Tuesday because it will make it difficult for some to get out and vote because the magnitude of the people in attendance will make it difficult for voters to reach the voting locations.
Feb. 1, 2008 Caller is against the Pats parade impeding Boylston Street access to polls on Tuesday. She finds it very appalling and she is upset that elderly will be inconvenienced because of this. Bob Kraft should not be allowed to call the shots.
Feb. 1, 2008 Caller states, I am opposed to there being a Patriots parade on election day.
Feb. 2, 2008 Caller states in his opinion Boston should not be responsible for holding a rally for the Patriots! They are the "NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS not the BOSTON PATRIOTS!!!" Let somebody else have it this year!!!
Feb. 2, 2008 Would like the Mayor to know that he works in Boston and is very much against the Patriots rally being held on Tuesday! Please reconsider!
Feb. 3, 2008 Very unhappy with parking restrictions already in place on Harvard Ave on a Sunday morning. What about CHURCH????
Feb. 3, 2008 Cannot believe the "STUPIDITY" involved with the decision to have parking restrictions already in place on a Sunday morning when SUPER BOWL is not starting before 6pm!!!
Feb. 3, 2008 Caller is very upset with parking restrictions already in place on a Sunday morning regarding the SUPER BOWL!! What about CHURCH??? In the future please take this important factor into consideration!!!
Feb. 4, 2008 Would like the Mayor to know that he is "LOVING LIFE" this morning as he is a "DIE HARD GIANTS FAN"!!!!
Feb. 4, 2008 Caller states there should be a victory parade for the Patriots for a Perfect regular season!!!
Feb. 4, 2008 Thinks the Patriots still deserve to have a parade!!!
Feb. 4, 2008 Requests the mayor complete a survey on the opinions/attitudes of municipal elected officials sent out in January.
Feb. 6, 2008 Caller states, I am grateful the Mayor supports Hillary Clinton.
Feb. 6, 2008 A 96 year old woman is having difficulty applying for heating oil assistance. She said assistance agency always asks for more and she has provided everything.
Feb. 7, 2008 Caller wants Mayor to tell the City Council that he feels illegal immigrants should not be given any special rights.
Feb. 9, 2008 This caller states she has been calling for the past three days to speak with Mayor Menino regarding the Boston Public Schools. Will not state what this matter is about and will not elaborate at all.
Feb. 11, 2008 Caller states that she is not happy if the Mayor makes Boston a safe haven city for illegal immigrants. She is completely 100% opposed to the idea
Feb. 11, 2008 Requests mayor participate in a survey that will arrive in the next 10 days related to the ability to combat immigration-related crime through expanded cooperation among federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.
Feb. 11, 2008 Caller is having difficulty securing a temporary parking permit for her rental car. Her husband has taken their car (with resident sticker) to do military duty. She said she was hung up on by another city operator.
Feb. 12, 2008 Caller states that his number has been purged from the snow emergency notification list. Would like to know why and how he can get back on it.
Feb. 13, 2008 Request for the Mayor's help in resolving a long standing issue (since 2005) with the Post Office that services the North End. She said that the delivery person never fills out the form when there is no one in the building to accept a package.
Feb. 14, 2008 Invitation to join a banking services campaign.
Feb. 14, 2008 Asking the Mayor to "SAVE" Carney Hospital!!!
Feb. 15, 2008 Wanted Mayor to know that he paid his past due bills and he will now go online and send his urban development information to the city to help the blighted state it is currently in.
Feb. 15, 2008 Caller wanted Mayor to be aware that she us upset to read in media that the Franklin Park area of Dorchester is in such a hazardous state. Caller felt Boston was a top city in the nation but now feels it is pitiful and an embarrassment
Feb. 17, 2008 Requesting Hendry Street be blown off the map because it is horrible and expletive.
Feb. 17, 2008 Wants to complain to Mayor's Office that there is traffic gridlocked in the vicinity and police are "standing around doing nothing instead of exercising their authority." Then he inquired if this is what he pays taxes for.
Feb. 17, 2008 Would like the Mayor to know that the Chinese New Year is "out of control" too long and too loud!!!
Feb. 20, 2008 Caller has solution to violence in city. Feels that it should be placed in all the newspapers that all the girls report to police if they see any weapons, guns/knives, at their boyfriends' homes.
Feb. 20, 2008 Caller is upset that city is tagging and towing for traffic violations but is unwilling to address problems of illegal aliens. Feels they shouldn't have to pay for tickets unless this problem is addressed. He will not be voting for Mayor ever again.
Feb. 24, 2008 Calling regarding article in newspaper yesterday which read that the firefighters union, protesting the mayor, does not want to march in Southie's St. Patricks Day Parade. Wants the mayor to know that he is "backing him."
Feb. 25, 2008 Caller wants mayor to know after reading article this weekend about Boston firefighters who died. She feels that those firefighters' family members should not receive any benefits due to their allegedly being impaired by alcohol and drugs. It is a shame they died but taxpayers should not pay.
Feb. 25, 2008 Local resident's 15 year old son was a homicide victim in Brockton. Seeking someone from Mayor's Office to speak to her re: her loss and her concerns with the current crisis of violence facing the urban communities of Eastern MA
Feb. 28, 2008 Caller feels that Mayor should allow tax breaks for foreclosed properties if they allow homeless families to stay on site for emergency shelter use of buildings.
Mar. 3, 2008 Caller would like the Mayor to know that in his opinion, trust funds should remain managed by the trustees of the Boston Public Library unless there is some kind of "compelling" reason to do otherwise.
Mar. 4, 2008 Commenting on a Globe story: she vehemently opposes the City providing transportation to kids going to private schools.
Mar. 6, 2008 Caller upset at how West Roxbury High School has declined over past 2 years. Upset that city used Bill Gates donation to divide West Roxbury High School into 4 smaller schools. Has gone downhill ever since. Feels money should have gone to other Boston Public School sites in need, such as Dorchester or English High.
Mar. 10, 2008 Caller wanted Mayor to know that she feels teachers who commute to East Boston should get 50 cent discount on tunnel tolls, just like residents, because they are providing a service to public.
Mar. 10, 2008 Requesting that a tree be removed from City Hall Plaza.
Mar. 12, 2008 Caller wants Mayor to know that he strongly suggests that city mail every resident a resident parking pass sticker along with excise tax bills to avoid the extra step of residents having to come to City Hall and apply for them.
Mar. 14, 2008 Caller feels that firefighters union fliers protesting Mayor sent to residential mailboxes through US Postal Service is illegal. Caller sees why Mayor is having such problems with the union.
Mar. 17, 2008 Caller is upset that the Tow lot is closed today and she can't pick up her vehicle until tomorrow.
Mar. 17, 2008 Caller is very upset that she can't pick up her car until tomorrow.
Mar. 17, 2008 Caller is very upset that the tow lot is closed today and she can't pick up her car until tomorrow, She stated that the tow lot should be open after the holiday.
Mar. 19, 2008 Caller is East Boston resident who is very upset with the scare tactic that the Boston firefighters union appears to be using regarding the LNG tankers. Further states that her household supports Mayor Menino completely regarding the issues with the Fire Department
Mar. 19, 2008 Caller states she was told to call regarding her opinion to "SAVE" the Carney Hospital!!! Please advise. Thank you.
Mar. 19, 2008 Caller states that she is with "the oil industry" and suggests that City of Boston set example for the general citizenry by ensuring that municipal buildings keep thermostats down low and lights turned off at night.
Mar. 20, 2008 Caller wants mayor to know that budgetary constraints should not be an issue when it comes to Boston Public Schools education. Caller feels that if schools are forced to close, then it would become a community issue and hopes the city would get the affected neighborhoods involved.
Source: City of Boston