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Structurally deficient commuter rail bridges in Mass.

Below is a list of structurally deficient commuter rail bridges, according to MBTA records.
Bridge Last Inspection Commuter Rail Line
Mass Ave 3/18/2002 Fairmount
Norfolk Ave 3/18/2002 Fairmount
E. Cottage Street 6/4/2002 Fairmount
Dudley Street 6/4/2002 Fairmount
Quincy Street 3/6/2002 Fairmount
Columbia Road 3/7/2002 Fairmount
Geneva Avenue 6/5/2002 Fairmount
Talbot Avenue 6/5/2002 Fairmount
Clapp Street 3/5/2002 Fairmount
Woodrow Avenue 6/7/2002 Fairmount
Neponset River 4/29/2002 Fairmount
East Street 4/30/2002 Fairmount
Neponset River 1 4/29/2002 Fairmount
Neponset River 2 4/29/2002 Fairmount
Neponset River 3 5/9/2002 Fairmount
Neponset River 4 4/29/2002 Fairmount
Concord Route 62 4/9/2002 Fitchburg
Concrete Arch between Arlington and Central streets 10/11/2001 Fitchburg
Mill Pond 10/18/2001 Fitchburg
Sacramento St. Underpass 10/25/2001 Fitchburg
Yerxa St. Underpass 2/21/2002 Fitchburg
West Acton 10/11/2001 Fitchburg
Culvert on town line between Leominster and Lunenberg 1/9/2002 Fitchburg
Baker's Brook 11/29/2001 Fitchburg
Nashua River 12/6/2001 Fitchburg
Charles Street 1/16/2002 Framingham/Worcester
Bacon Street 4/9/2002 Framingham/Worcester
Intervale Road 12/13/2001 Framingham/Worcester
Charles River 7/17/2002 Needham
Toe Path 4/11/2002 New Hampshire Main
Shawsheen River 10/31/2001 New Hampshire Main
Abandoned Pedestrian Underpass at Cordage Park 11/1/2005 Plymouth
Hodges Brook 2/26/2002 Shore Line
Ten Mile River 2/26/2002 Shore Line
South Elm Street 9/19/2001 Haverhill
Merrimack River 9/6/2001 Haverhill
Sutton's Driveway in North Andover 9/20/2001 Haverhill
Shawsheen River 1 10/26/2001 Haverhill
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