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Past gay marriage coverage

Gay marriage vote to test DiMasi's clout
With a showdown over same-sex marriage looming this week, all eyes at the State House are focused on House Speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi, a strong supporter of gay rights whose ability to sway votes in his chamber could determine the fate of a proposed constitutional ban. (Boston Globe, 6/11/07)
Legislative support slim for same-sex marriage ban
A proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages is clinging to a razor-thin margin in the Legislature, as major political figures from Beacon Hill to Capitol Hill step up their attempts to kill the measure. (Boston Globe, 5/17/07)
Same-sex marriage ban advances
A week after the state's highest court declared lawmakers had a duty to cast a vote, the Massachusetts Legislature yesterday advanced a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, pushing it over a critical hurdle to get onto the 2008 state ballot. (Boston Globe, 1/3/07)
Same-sex marriage foes sue lawmakers
Lawyers from a group opposing gay marriage filed a $5 million federal lawsuit against 109 state lawmakers yesterday accusing them of violating the US Constitution when they refused to decide whether to put a ban on gay marriage on the 2008 ballot. (Boston Globe, 12/14/06)
Gay-marriage opponents get SJC go-ahead
The Supreme Judicial Court delivered a major victory yesterday to opponents of same-sex marriage, validating a proposed constitutional amendment that seeks to outlaw gay weddings in a 2008 ballot measure. (Boston Globe, 7/11/06)
Legislature delays vote on amendment
With energetic demonstrators chanting in the street, state lawmakers yesterday delayed a vote on a proposed constitutional amendment to outlaw same-sex marriage until after the November election. (Boston Globe, 7/13/06)
Prospects shift as DiMasi replaces Finneran
The effort to bring a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage to voters in November 2006 suffered a major setback yesterday with departure of House Speaker Thomas M. Finneran and the elevation of Salvatore F. DiMasi, whose arrival is expected to shift the Massachusetts legislative agenda to the left on social issues such as gay rights, abortion, and stem cell research. (Boston Globe, 9/28/04)
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