More coverage of the same-sex marriage debate
Coverage from today's Globe:
 Right of gays to marry set for years to come (By Frank Phillips and Andrea Estes, Globe Staff)
 Personal stories changed minds (By Lisa Wangsness and Andrea Estes, Globe Staff)
 Fear and then, 'I can't believe it' (By Yvonne Abraham, Globe Staff)
 GLOBE EDITORIAL: A good day for marriage
 SCOT LEHIGH: A victory for equality
Latest coverage of the debate:
 Legislators vote to defeat same-sex marriage ban
 Reaction to the ban's defeat
 Legislators who changed their vote on same-sex marriage
 One lawmaker, in her own words, who changed her vote
 Wrentham rep explains marriage vote change
 GLOBE EDITORIAL: Expanding the circle of rights
 JEFF JACOBY | WEB EXCLUSIVE: A political grenade
 DERRICK Z. JACKSON | WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ring the wedding bells
 Vote draws demonstrators to State House
 Lobbyist keeps counting votes
 Gloucester legislator who supports ban will miss vote
Photo Gallery PHOTOS: Protesters converge on the State House
Past coverage of the debate:
 Tight vote looms on same-sex marriage
 Legislator divided  Advocates prepare Pop-up Legal maneuvers
 JOAN VENNOCHI: Marriage debate is a test of Patrick's power
 Same-sex marriage ban advances (Boston Globe, 1/3/07)
 Vote to test DiMasi's clout (Boston Globe, 6/11/07)
 Legislative support slim for ban (Boston Globe, 5/17/07)
 Legislature delays vote on amendment (Boston Globe, 7/13/06)
 Gay-marriage opponents get SJC go-ahead (Boston Globe, 7/11/06)
 Prospects shift as DiMasi replaces Finneran (Boston Globe, 9/28/04)
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