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Defendant accused of stabbing his lawyer during jury selection

DEDHAM, Mass. --A man allegedly stabbed his lawyer in court Tuesday using a sharp makeshift weapon, the Norfolk District Attorney's Office said.

About 10 Dedham District Court officials quickly restrained Che Sosa at 3:15 p.m. after the attack on defense attorney John Courtney while a prospective juror was being questioned, said Mike Connolly, a spokesman for the DA's office.

Sosa, 37, is charged with aggravated rape and other counts stemming from an attack against a Quincy woman in 2001. He was implicated based on DNA evidence.

Courtney was stabbed with a makeshift plexiglass-type weapon that was about 6 inches long and had been sharpened, Connolly said. The attorney was treated at a hospital for facial and other injuries not considered life threatening, Connolly said.

Authorities were trying to determine where the makeshift weapon came from. Sosa had been held at MCI-Cedar Junction in Walpole as a pre-trial detainee, and was returned to the state prison after the attack.

A hearing was planned Wednesday in Norfolk Superior Court to determine how Sosa's trial would proceed.