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Romney prepares for fundraising chase with race with sons

BOSTON --Mitt Romney prepared for a major fundraising chase with a real run -- against his family on a local track. He finished last.

The former Massachusetts governor said in a Web interview posted Monday that the night before a January fundraiser that raised $6.5 million for his campaign, he and his sons decided to race each other around the track at the high school near their Belmont, Mass., home.

"We were there at the dinner table and someone said, 'Hey, should we go have a 440(-yard) race at the high school?'" Romney told, a Chicago-based site that culls and posts an array of political news, commentary and polling. "Sure enough, we all went upstairs and found our respective jogging shorts, put on tennis shoes or running shoes, went over to the high school and had a 440 competition at the track."

While the 59-year-old Romney runs on a treadmill each day, he ended up losing to three of his five sons.

"I came in last," the candidate said. "I was thinking I could beat my son Ben but, boy, even though he's in medical school and has gotta be out of shape, he still beat me, darn it!"

Aides said Josh Romney finished first, Matt Romney second and Ben Romney third, with Mitt Romney fourth. Tagg Romney, the eldest son, and Craig Romney, the youngest, did not compete.