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South Shore's most generous public pensions
The chart shows the retirees who take home $50,000 or more annually from 13 retirement systems in the Globe South region. (Norwood is not included.) Quincy has eight retirees, all former police officers, who take home more than $100,000. Source: Individual retirement systems and the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission.
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Charles Lincoln Plymouth County $140,508
William Falco Quincy $124,309
Terence Kelly Quincy $120,890
Frederick Laracy Quincy $115,449
Thomas Frane Quincy $107,810
Vincent Flaherty Quincy $107,189
James McNeil Quincy $105,509
Paul F. Studenski Brockton $103,479
Kenneth J. Gustin Brockton $101,507
Thomas Bolinder Quincy $101,272
John J. Cummings Brockton $101,181
John Kelley Quincy $100,468
Lawrence P. Benedetto Norfolk County $97,710
Peter King Bristol County $96,271
Paul O'Connell Quincy $95,745
Robert Salvaggio Quincy $94,870
Robert A. Cerasoli Norfolk County $94,586
Kevin Donovan Plymouth County $93,636
William Curran Quincy $93,243
James J. Grady Brockton $92,522
William Stenmon Quincy $92,499
Randall M. Medeiros Bristol County $90,846
Donald Dimarzio Hull $90,630
Thomas Casey Quincy $89,557
John Silva Plymouth County $89,464
James E. Davidson Brockton $88,672
David H. Dennehy Brockton $88,459
Richard G. Grelotti Norfolk County $87,766
Donald Francis Brooker Hull $87,561
Rodney B. Rumble Weymouth $87,368
Normand Goyette Quincy $87,145
John J. Bukunt Brockton $86,173
Robert Kominsky Plymouth County $86,168
Joseph Molloy Quincy $85,938
Stephen O'Brien Quincy $85,145
Robert Perchard Quincy $84,525
Dennis J. Gould Brockton $84,028
Thomas Tierney Quincy $83,199
James F. Taxiera Norfolk County $82,822
James R. Sullivan Braintree $82,330
Joseph Walsh Quincy $82,239
Richard W. Wells Norfolk County $82,120
John Schnyer Plymouth County $82,114
James M. Smith Bristol County $80,611
John R. Barkhouse Norfolk County $80,382
Richard D. Hurley Norfolk County $80,300
Peter S. Bright Norfolk County $80,277
William Whalen Quincy $80,044
Alan C. Holmes Brockton $79,949
Anthony Innello Quincy $79,673
Stephen J. Soares Bristol County $79,333
John Doyle Quincy $78,802
Ronald McKim Quincy $78,717
John F. Dacey Norfolk County $78,548
James S. Franco Brockton $78,501
Philip A. Dineen Norfolk County $78,414
Raymond Nelson Plymouth County $78,386
John W. Wright Braintree $78,350
Phillip E. Blye Bristol County $78,102
Joseph McDonough Plymouth County $78,005
Paul Cuddy Quincy $77,296
Robert J. Prevett Norfolk County $76,830
John J. Keating Brockton $76,773
Stephen Tucker Plymouth County $76,773
Peter V. Crone Brockton $76,734
William Warner Plymouth County $76,158
Robert D. Churchill Norfolk County $75,902
Ellis E. Carroll Norfolk County $75,861
Gordon Fogg Plymouth County $75,207
Paul J. Connors Norfolk County $74,940
Joseph J. Butler Brockton $74,758
John J. Connolly Dedham $74,647
Thomas R. Soares Bristol County $74,594
Francis Mullen Quincy $74,473
Robert R. Geary Norfolk County $74,376
Malcolm Whiting Plymouth County $73,890
David R. Chamberlin Norfolk County $73,768
Francis P. Riordan Brockton $73,126
Robert M. Morrill Brockton $73,048
Richard Franey Plymouth County $72,986
Daniel Kennedy Quincy $72,602
Paul N. Conant Norfolk County $72,091
William F. Flynn Norfolk County $71,758
Bernard Macauley Quincy $71,506
Richard E. Piantoni Brockton $71,306
John McLellan Plymouth County $71,105
Richard Craig Plymouth County $70,792
Thomas Gorman Quincy $70,645
Paul J. Roach Norfolk County $70,554
Robert J. Dicarli Brockton $70,404
Joseph F. Picchione Brockton $70,356
William H. Lawrence Brockton $70,237
Kevin Chiocca Plymouth County $70,071
James L. Haughey Norfolk County $69,982
Michael R. Poitras Bristol County $69,854
Kevin Henderson Plymouth County $69,794
John Barnes Quincy $69,602
Robert Galvin Plymouth County $69,517
Feeney W. Martin Milton $69,503
Walter R. Elliot Brockton $69,498
Raymond C. Tautkus Brockton $69,406
Paul Cardalino Plymouth County $69,317
Thomas Neilen Plymouth County $69,049
Richard Meade Quincy $68,988
Joachim Ingo Borowski Hingham $68,986
Michael Lukeman Quincy $68,945
Robert H. Gaulin Norfolk County $68,898
Barry T. Hannon Norfolk County $68,722
William G. Harris Brockton $68,711
Thomas J. Higgins Weymouth $68,621
John R. Trent Brockton $68,501
Joseph G. Cunningham Weymouth $68,497
Bradley P. Silva Bristol County $68,482
Arnold F. Lacerda Bristol County $68,051
Gerald J. Arcieri Weymouth $67,924
Geraldine Contrino Quincy $67,875
David R. Nelson Bristol County $67,801
Michael J. Greenwood Dedham $67,634
John J. McCarthy Jr. Braintree $67,630
Jeanne M. Fleming Norfolk County $67,564
John Cummings Quincy $67,322
Edward L. Hartmann Norfolk County $67,288
Cronin A. John Milton $67,283
John W. Knox Weymouth $67,155
Ray Pickles Plymouth County $67,152
Richard Digiusto Quincy $67,053
Robert T. Murphy Brockton $67,025
James C. Kozak Norfolk County $67,005
Salvatore R. Procida Brockton $66,908
Vincent P. Gruntmeyer Brockton $66,900
Kathleen Casey Quincy $66,893
Robert Campbell Quincy $66,880
Walter R. McGrath Braintree $66,848
Judge L. Sheldon Milton $66,734
Roy William Ahlquist Jr. Plymouth $66,518
Gerald Queeney Quincy $66,440
William Stoddard Plymouth County $66,392
James Buhl Quincy $66,373
George McCray Quincy $66,351
John F. Cronin Brockton $66,178
Dorothy McAdam Quincy $66,089
Scales J. Lawrence Milton $66,086
William Harriman Plymouth County $66,058
Dana Harriman Plymouth County $65,994
Manuel A. Branco Bristol County $65,957
Clinton Tierney Quincy $65,874
Richard Crespi Quincy $65,794
Barbara Dinatale Quincy $65,741
Russell King Plymouth County $65,637
Giorgio H. Paul Milton $65,454
Daniel Dowling Quincy $65,402
Russell K. Erikson Hingham $65,386
Arnold Salley Plymouth County $65,360
Leighton F. Peck Jr. Plymouth $65,320
Curtis L. Ireland Plymouth $65,254
Joseph F. Uzzo Brockton $65,154
Walter Frazer Quincy $64,844
David F. Viera Bristol County $64,788
Neil Macdonald Quincy $64,720
Walter T. Shanks Brockton $64,602
Peter K. Gill Norfolk County $64,518
Colin B. Mcauley Weymouth $64,396
Diane Skoog Plymouth County $64,336
Michael R. Healy Bristol County $63,811
Raymond Jacome Bristol County $63,686
John Bersani Quincy $63,621
Frank Calabro Quincy $63,530
Joseph Murphy Quincy $63,519
George F. Leben Jr. Braintree $63,513
Mehbooba Anwar Norfolk County $63,501
Linda Porazzo Plymouth County $63,481
Benton W. Keene Jr. Bristol County $63,380
Paul Nestor Quincy $63,365
Kevin Cook Quincy $63,229
Robert Brennan Quincy $63,209
Kevin M. Connor Norfolk County $63,102
Affanato P Donald Milton $63,099
William J. Dube Brockton $63,029
George F. Burgess Bristol County $62,853
Peter W. Uzzo Brockton $62,769
David W. Fogg Brockton $62,752
Roy McNamee Plymouth County $62,572
Maryellen P. Scannell Weymouth $62,430
Paul W. Durfee Brockton $62,384
John J. Teti Dedham $62,353
Michael Carlino Braintree $62,221
Donald M. Murphy Braintree $62,205
Harold G. Weeks Brockton $62,109
James P. Cruise Jr. Brockton $62,097
Donald L. White Norfolk County $62,082
James Moran Plymouth County $62,051
Charles Middendorf Quincy $62,022
David Furness Plymouth County $61,927
John Donovan Quincy $61,879
Carlton E. Windle II Bristol County $61,616
John Mather Quincy $61,512
Kimberly McCarthy Norfolk County $61,508
John F. Fehan Braintree $61,454
Daniel Brophy Plymouth County $61,407
John Grandy Braintree $61,376
Richard P. Donahue Brockton $61,282
Michael Brady Plymouth County $61,229
Wayne E. Mcallister Brockton $61,192
Roderick Walsh Plymouth County $61,145
Robert R. Wood Norfolk County $61,138
David Griffiths Plymouth County $61,075
Jon Alberghini Plymouth County $61,059
Peter E. Cabral Bristol County $61,051
Robert Kay Quincy $60,901
Robert W. Jackson Norfolk County $60,614
David J. Cushing Brockton $60,491
Eugene M. Negrone Dedham $60,363
Kent A. Andrade Brockton $60,339
Dennis Malloy Plymouth County $60,288
Thomas J. Fugazzi Plymouth $60,078
Francis J. Ellard Brockton $59,908
Robert J. Bastis Brockton $59,904
Evan Gurman Brockton $59,874
Eugene T. Smith Weymouth $59,819
James Killinger Plymouth County $59,777
John W. Holmes Norfolk County $59,745
David Doherty Quincy $59,645
William J. Lenhart Norfolk County $59,644
Robert Ciriello Quincy $59,551
Charles A. Abell Braintree $59,523
Robert H. Loud Braintree $59,422
James Breen Plymouth County $59,120
Ward G. Gordon Brockton $59,100
Peter Huska Plymouth County $59,089
Paul Quinn Quincy $59,069
John Bergeron Plymouth County $58,960
William D. Tripp Bristol County $58,953
Joseph Farley Quincy $58,923
A Joan Ventura Norfolk County $58,888
Leone M. Stewart Brockton $58,814
Richard K. Wehter Hingham $58,774
Joseph R. Sergio Brockton $58,727
Edward J. Lehan Norfolk County $58,664
William L. Cobb Brockton $58,658
John A. Lotti Weymouth $58,567
Charles Decas Plymouth County $58,365
Donald Maglio Braintree $58,363
Phillip T. Devin Braintree $58,330
Richard Laracy Quincy $58,148
Francis Johnson Quincy $57,995
Norman J. Belanger Bristol County $57,982
Thomas S. Gasbarro Norfolk County $57,909
Kevin Murphy Quincy $57,859
Robert S. Bunar Brockton $57,806
James M. Hallisey Brockton $57,795
Dana G. Beal Bristol County $57,783
Thomas J. Guerin Norfolk County $57,760
William Phelan Quincy $57,749
James Reardon Quincy $57,738
Gary Stein Quincy $57,603
Joseph P. Hannon Bristol County $57,554
John C. Barrett Dedham $57,494
Anne Sheehy Norfolk County $57,456
Mario R. Diliddo Brockton $57,309
Joseph F. Mazzotta Weymouth $57,308
Susan Finn Quincy $57,274
Kanter D. Paul Milton $57,260
Thomas J. Keefe Jr. Weymouth $57,201
M Jane Gallahue Quincy $57,198
Keith H. Quint Bristol County $57,184
Robert J. O'Brien Brockton $57,148
Walter Healey Bristol County $57,053
Bertram M. Cook Bristol County $57,046
Gerard Nichol Quincy $57,039
Wells G. Richard Milton $57,014
David Schofield Quincy $57,005
David Nichols Plymouth County $56,991
Lorne W. Benton Brockton $56,990
Ronald Dore Plymouth County $56,980
David W. Buck Brockton $56,928
John Comer Quincy $56,873
Robert P. Devine Norfolk County $56,857
Richard Gredler Plymouth County $56,701
George E. Mallard Norfolk County $56,650
George A. Figueredo Bristol County $56,578
Wayne Richards Plymouth County $56,528
Beverly Connell Quincy $56,338
Edwin H. Harrop Norfolk County $56,309
Robert Silva Plymouth County $56,252
Wayne Sjostedt Plymouth County $56,238
Mario Stracco Quincy $56,185
Kenneth J. Brady Braintree $56,140
Robert Hanna Quincy $56,140
Richard Churchill Quincy $56,104
Paul J. Washek Brockton $56,030
Donald J. Ward Plymouth $55,993
Robert Smith Plymouth County $55,791
Robert Edgar Quincy $55,781
Mabel E. Ericson Weymouth $55,775
William Blake Quincy $55,745
Richard Worrall Plymouth County $55,704
Francis Roche Quincy $55,540
John Barber Quincy $55,534
George Decas Plymouth County $55,507
Richard C. Malo Norfolk County $55,471
Lane B. Branch Milton $55,467
Linda Sullivan Quincy $55,451
Francis Barnes Quincy $55,444
Kenneth John Resnick Hull $55,350
Howard Anderson Plymouth County $55,337
Robert T. Bohn Norfolk County $55,141
George J. Klier Norfolk County $55,110
Bernard P. Arsenault Norfolk County $55,081
Judith Ann Patt Weymouth $55,043
Robert W. Stewart Braintree $54,987
Lawrence F. Krohn Bristol County $54,948
John P. Gabriel Braintree $54,898
William Griffin Quincy $54,856
Kevin P. Fahy Plymouth $54,813
Robert D. Smith Brockton $54,811
Robert W. Rogers Norfolk County $54,750
William Shaw Plymouth County $54,722
Joseph Manning Quincy $54,717
Peter Paul Colantuoni Dedham $54,714
Richard Smith Plymouth County $54,704
Thomas P. Lyman Norfolk County $54,679
Francis Finn Quincy $54,654
Elliott A. Gabriel Weymouth $54,614
James J. Orth Brockton $54,548
Kenneth S Porter Brockton $54,548
Ralph A. Delucia Norfolk County $54,483
Joseph Folger Plymouth $54,448
Carol A. Melendy Norfolk County $54,442
Edward G. Salvas Jr. Weymouth $54,433
John Flavell Plymouth County $54,385
David W. Andrews Norfolk County $54,337
Donald Cunningham Quincy $54,212
George E. Dixon II Brockton $54,209
Joseph Verlicco Quincy $54,184
John R. Lacasse Norfolk County $54,111
Frank S. Lagrotteria Weymouth $54,096
Elizabeth A. Galvin Norfolk County $54,093
Arthur Barnes Quincy $54,059
Richard Sanderson Braintree $54,030
James L. Zelinskas Brockton $53,921
Richard Savard Quincy $53,846
Richard Slavick Plymouth County $53,832
Brian W. Noonan Norfolk County $53,806
Ronald J. Bourque Brockton $53,647
Stephen Ericson Quincy $53,632
Gerard L. Travers Hingham $53,619
Wayne A. Tartaglia Brockton $53,610
John J. McCarthy Norfolk County $53,567
Arthur L. Dalton Jr. Braintree $53,565
William V. Cope Weymouth $53,536
Catherine M. Luna Dedham $53,509
Daniel J. Kelley Bristol County $53,501
Julia Enroth Plymouth County $53,482
William Ferioli Plymouth County $53,479
Coffman R. Glenn Milton $53,448
Arthur W. McClaren Brockton $53,442
Robert Costa Quincy $53,416
Gail V. Bowers Brockton $53,272
John J. Collins Norfolk County $53,174
Hobart H. Boswell Norfolk County $53,021
Frederick G. Flammini Brockton $53,006
Michael F. Mc Hugh Bristol County $52,975
Gary Lemoine Plymouth County $52,955
Belcher Stanley Plymouth County $52,939
Albert Powers Blue Hills $52,921
David Usher Quincy $52,814
John W. Soave Norfolk County $52,777
Robert Morales Quincy $52,758
Albert J. Baima Norfolk County $52,641
James Sheets Quincy $52,563
Kenneth M. Healey Norfolk County $52,512
Harold W. Litchfield Norfolk County $52,498
James P. Kilcoyne Norfolk County $52,483
Francis Spring Quincy $52,461
Donald Sjostedt Plymouth County $52,433
Mattaliano Gerard Milton $52,390
Nicholas V. Celia Brockton $52,381
John Smith Quincy $52,290
Philip Cheverie Quincy $52,284
William Lanergan Quincy $52,277
Robert I. Westerlund Brockton $52,218
Carl Valenti Quincy $52,194
James A. Fitzpatrick Norfolk County $52,113
Stevan W. Driscoll Norfolk County $52,112
Dennis Smerz Plymouth County $52,081
Joseph W. Galvam Norfolk County $52,024
Thomas Hickey Quincy $51,997
Robert Mood Quincy $51,939
Glenn B. Benson Brockton $51,934
Patrick H. Harrington Bristol County $51,797
W. Kevin Johnson Plymouth County $51,744
John F. Wiklund Braintree $51,729
Richard F. Doolin Weymouth $51,704
John A. Birknes Jr. Bristol County $51,697
Joseph P. Joseph Brockton $51,646
John Riordan Plymouth County $51,638
Terence Dwyer Plymouth County $51,623
Joseph O'Reilly Quincy $51,580
James Nicholas Russo Hull $51,566
Valerie Palmer Quincy $51,532
William Nicolas Plymouth County $51,515
Brian Scott Plymouth County $51,504
John Mulligan Quincy $51,495
Justin G. Cronin Norfolk County $51,415
John H. Hill Brockton $51,408
Glenn A. Shaw Hingham $51,399
William Newell Weymouth $51,393
Winthrop H. Farwell Jr. Brockton $51,281
Francis Haddocks Bristol County $51,281
Robert P. Carroll Norfolk County $51,256
John A. Kichler Hingham $51,252
William Peinert Plymouth County $51,210
Armando J. Betro Norfolk County $51,210
Peter Kendall Quincy $51,209
Paul D'olimpio Quincy $51,197
Stephen Badger Quincy $51,193
Joseph A. Palladini Norfolk County $51,192
Joseph R. Spadea Jr. Hingham $51,107
Thomas Connors Quincy $51,069
Robert W. Rojee Norfolk County $51,048
Albert Carpenter Plymouth County $51,033
Dennis W. Pearse Norfolk County $51,030
James Zamer Plymouth County $51,029
Gerald L. Brady Brockton $51,021
Francis Sullivan Quincy $50,991
Laura Haas Plymouth County $50,945
Earl McNamara Quincy $50,935
Ruth A. Beck Hingham $50,928
Ralph Ames Quincy $50,899
Howard R. Leonard Weymouth $50,878
Jackson Macomber Norfolk County $50,813
Richard L. Davis Brockton $50,807
Harold G. Ashley Jr. Bristol County $50,712
Joseph Riordon Plymouth County $50,712
George W. Casey Jr. Bristol County $50,673
James F. Connor Weymouth $50,660
Harold F. Burke, Jr. Brockton $50,623
Jeffrey M. Siegal Norfolk County $50,604
Jean Leslie Quincy $50,538
John F. Ruane Norfolk County $50,529
Martin E. Fitzhenry Dedham $50,397
John M. Paronich Norfolk County $50,384
Philip M. Sullivan Brockton $50,363
Paul R. Quinn Norfolk County $50,273
William Ryan Quincy $50,215
Callahan Jean Milton $50,169
Audrey Hannant Plymouth County $50,168
Leonard I. Torrey Braintree $50,160
David Brazil Plymouth County $50,156
John J. Donovan Dedham $50,153
Russell I. Gillpatrick Brockton $50,091
Thomas P. Libby Norfolk County $50,038
Louis B. Pina Brockton $50,021
Kenneth Calvin Plymouth County $50,014
David J. Pomarico Norfolk County $50,003

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