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Letter from Drinan to the Rev. Robert T. Kickham, secretary to Cardinal Sean

Reverend Robert T. Kickham
Secretary to the Cardinal
Archdiocese of Boston
Boston, Massachusetts
May 16, 2006

Dear Father Kickham:

Thank you for your letter of May 12, 2006; I am reassured to know the Cardinal received my letter. I certainly appreciate the importance of a fair and just decision, and at the same time must tell you that I do not believe this situation can be contained much longer. Since last Thursday, I have received three telephone calls regarding Dr. Haddad's actions at an Executive Leadership Team meeting last Wednesday, during which he was observed to be winking and leering at one of the four established victims. One of the callers was Peter Holden, President of Caritas Holy Family Medical Center, who now feels he needs to stand up in defense of this victim. The mere retelling of this situation to Dr. Haddad will expose her identity, an outcome she genuinely fears. Additionally, yesterday I learned from my colleague Nanette Smith Callihan that a recruit for a new position reporting to Dr. Haddad described the meeting as positive and stated that it ended with a hug. It is impossible to understand why Dr. Haddad continues to engage in such inappropriate behavior while he knows he is under investigation. The prospect of working with him in future is absolutely untenable for his victims, because if they experience this now, what will happen if he is allowed to stay? As the most senior human resources professional at Caritas Christi, I know that my and my organization's ability to either reassure or protect these victims is completely compromised by the continued presence on site of a CEO who poses a threat to female employees which he demonstrates he either can not or will not control.

In case you did not see it, I enclose an article on the recent events at Keane. Their Board worked very expeditiously to a rapid outcome with the best interests of shareholders and the company in mind. Further, the exact conclusions regarding the CEO's responsibilities were not ascertained before the decision was made. In our case, we know the CEO has broken the law and we have completed validating investigations. We are so much surer of Dr. Haddad's culpability, and yet so much slower to act that I believe our pace is verging on indefensible. Should this matter come to the public's attention through means beyond the Members' and the Board's control, we can all only imagine the consequences. Given Caritas Christi's fragile financial condition, our low volumes, and our public bond exposure, the fiduciary concern is undeniable.

Father Kickham, I know you will be speaking to the Cardinal when he returns, and trust you will convey the urgency of this message to him. I placed a call to Wil Rogers yesterday, but understand that the ceremonies in Cleveland probably prevented his ever receiving my message. I will pursue him again today.

I genuinely appreciate your blessing and pray that your good judgment and that of the Cardinal will prevail.


Helen G. Drinan
Senior Vice President
Caritas Christi Health Care
Boston, Massachusetts

Copy to:
Wilson D. Rogers, Jr.

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