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Healey favors sealing borders

Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey, who has distanced herself recently from the conservatism of Governor Mitt Romney, yesterday suggested an immigration policy of sealed borders and aggressive deportation of criminals.

Healey said she had not decided which of the top proposals she favors, but said she was gratified that Washington was treating immigration policy legislatively. The parameters she said she favors align with the more conservative measures on Capitol Hill.

''What we need to do is find a rational way to figure out who deserves to stay here in America and who should be deported for purposes of safety," said Healey.

''What I'd like to see happen is for the federal government to seal our borders, figure out who's here illegally -- we think it's 11 million people, but it could be many more -- and then find a process by which they can sort through and see who could be appropriate American citizens -- hard-working, honest people who could stay here and become good American citizens -- and those people who have records, criminal records in other countries, or other problems that will not lead to productive citizenship."

Addressing reporters outside a Governor's Council meeting, she said, ''I think that it has been greatly neglected and therefore fallen to the states to protect themselves from the costs and the dangers of illegal immigration."

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