Chat transcript with Kevin Weeks

March 13, 2006
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Kevin Weeks, the former top lieutenant to crime boss ''Whitey'' Bulger and author of ''Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob" chatted with readers today. Here is the transcript.

Bostondotcom: Hello and thank you for tuning in today. We're chatting with Kevin Weeks, the former top lieutenant to crime boss ''Whitey'' Bulger and author of ''Brutal: The Untold Story of My Life Inside Whitey Bulger's Irish Mob." Kevin is here for the next hour to answer your questions.

stool: Kevin: What are your thoughts on Stephen Flemmi? Have you been in any contact with him?

Kevin_Weeks: I think Stevie Flemmi only cares about Stevie Flemmi. I have not talked to him since late 1999.

stool: Kevin: Do you have any contact with Family members of the deceased?

Kevin_Weeks: No, just through their lawyers.

Ingrid: Kevin, saw your interview last night on 60 can you profit from something that was so evil and mean spirited? Haven't you ever heard "What comes around, goes around"? What if anyting charitble are you doing with your profits?

Kevin_Weeks: Fifty percent of my profits will go to the victims' families

HenryHill: Have you ever met Henry Hill?

Kevin_Weeks: no

Fred_m: Hi Kevin, I know you say you've reformed, but with Ray Flynn and Howie Carr talking smack against you, do you ever get the urge to go back to the "old days" and put them in their place?

Kevin_Weeks: They know their place, they're trying to be what they never were, men.

Uncle_Orange: Today's article said you didn't know that Whitey was working with the FBI -- did you ever suspect the FBI was helping get rid of your rival gangsters in Boston?

Kevin_Weeks: no, but I knew they were getting rid of competition

biggieR: Hi Kevin. I am wondering if you have ever known my father James (JR) Richardson from Somerville. I have been told stories about my father, whom I have never really known and I am am trying to tie up loose ends with his life and who her really was. Thanks

Kevin_Weeks: no but I heard of him

baddy: you're a scumbag.

Kevin_Weeks: and you're a tough guy on the computer

baddy: You should be tortured to death.

Kevin_Weeks: come and do it.

the_kid: how do people in southie treat you

Kevin_Weeks: the same as before. i always treated people well and people in Southie understand the whole story.

CITYPOINTRAT: Kevin - How is it going? I am a local SB native that you know and were friendly with - GREAT interview last night!! My question is what was Kevin O'neil's involvement with Whitey and yourself? Also, if you need help beating up Howie Carr, I would love to help...

Kevin_Weeks: Kevin O'Neil was a friend of ours. He wasn't directly involved in criminal acts other than legitimate businesses. And providing a place for us to conduct shakedowns. I appreciate the offer on Howie Carr, but the day I can't beat Howie on my own I'll pack it in.

barretto_2: Who was winning the war between the Irish mob and Italian Mafia in Boston?

Kevin_Weeks: There was no war between the Irish and the Italian Mafia.

ONTHEROCKARL: In your opinion; have the stakes been raised to harm Howie Carr from the revelations he's made in his book?

Kevin_Weeks: Howie Carr hasn't made any revelations. He's made a lot of inaccurate statements.

hwesleyt: Hello were you ever scared about all the goings on

Kevin_Weeks: Sure, there was a lot of times that you didn't know how things would turn out.

barretto_2: or better yet, how bad was the tension between the factions

Kevin_Weeks: no tension, a lot of stress.

sbart: Kevin, How has your emotions and past relationships been effected while writing this book. Was this an eye opener and are you thankful for the second chances in life?

Kevin_Weeks: You open your eyes to things that you've done and you realize that while you were doing them how it affected other people never really occurred to you.

pjk: Do you hope Whitey will be caught?

Kevin_Weeks: No

Marconimassage: Kevin, I can wait to read the book. Look, I always maintained most Boston Police looked the other way. In fact, as you can tell from my screen name, diddn't the BPD have a social club in the same building as Flemmi's Marconi Club? it strains credibility that they were not aware of what was going down...

Kevin_Weeks: yes, after Stevie had sold it.

techGirl: Do you regret your violent past with the mob?

Kevin_Weeks: It's not something I'm proud of


Kevin_Weeks: yes, Mirisola's on L and Eighth St., best Italian food..cook is right from Italy

Jerry: Kevin, I'm a member of NAGE, a union of state workers. What do you know about the Bulger family putting members of the family on the union payroll? I beleive some of them still work for the union. thanks,

Kevin_Weeks: I always thought the idea was to take care of family no matter what position you are in life. I know if I was in the position to help a family member get a job, I would.

redso: Kevin, Was the release of your book and Howie Carr's book strictly coincidental? Also, why the release of the tape of Whitey, another coincidence?

Kevin_Weeks: I didn't know Howie wrote a book.

Bon: How much interaction did the Boston mob have with the "famouns" NY crime families?

Kevin_Weeks: Jim Bulger knew members of the Westies

butch: Kevin, why do you think the FBI is still protecting whitey?

Kevin_Weeks: I don't think the new regime in there is.

Hello: Hi Kevin. Do you think we have seen the end of organized crime? Is it impossible given advances in technology?

Kevin_Weeks: No, we haven't seen the end of organized crime but it's getting harder for criminals to avoid law enforcement techniques.

asdfg: do you have any remorse for the killings youwere involved in

Kevin_Weeks: sure, but I keep those feelings to myself.

paulie: why do you think the fbi has not found Whitey?

Kevin_Weeks: I don't think he's in this country.

wicked_good: Your best guess: where's Whitey?

Kevin_Weeks: On the beach, drinking a Marguerita.

David_In_Chicago: Kevin - you speak candidly about Whitey and other dangerous people in your book and on your 60 Minutes interview last night. Are you concerned about retaliation from some of these people and your safety, etc..?

Kevin_Weeks: No. These people are still friends of mine and they fully supported my decision to go against Whitey, as have other members of organized crime. People a lot more dangerous than myself have decided to cooperate against Johnny Martorano

barney: Kevin, too bad you didn't get that punk Howie Carr, at least break his legs for Go's sake

Kevin_Weeks: there's no money in it.

Bon: Whatever happened to "omerta?" Seems like all you guys turn at the drop of a hat.

Kevin_Weeks: That's the Italian mafia. And you can't rat on a rat.

Hello: Which character in the Soprano's do you most identify with?

Kevin_Weeks: Ha ha ha. I like Paulie Walnuts

DACK: It has been rumored that whitey was gay, is it true and how would he satisfy his needs and still keep it hush?

Kevin_Weeks: It's not true. None of us ever seen anything remotely resembling homosexual tendencies in him. He had more women than Hugh Hefner.

MD: was it money that prompted you to get involved with Bulger in the first place?

Kevin_Weeks: probably, I was a young guy and back in the late 70s, making $1000 or $2000 a week was big money.

redso: Kevin, any remorse or apologies for the families you and your gang have ruined?

Kevin_Weeks: That has already been addressed to the families, through my actions in bringing closure to the families that for decades didn't know what happened to their loved ones

beegirl: How is life being back in South Boston? Are you accepted? Do you have a job?

Kevin_Weeks: life is fine, people are great and so far this book has been full time.

David_In_Chicago: Kevin - are you working with the FBI or other authorities to help find and capture Whitey?

Kevin_Weeks: no

AL5000: Great piece on 60 Minutes. Do you think Whitey will ever try to return to Boston?

Kevin_Weeks: only for revenge.

ollie: what are you doing now

Kevin_Weeks: what do you have in mind?

SkiZRocK: Is there one thing that you regret more than any other?

Kevin_Weeks: yeah, not spending more time with my sons and the time I lost with them

Guest11: What are you doing these days to make ends meet and has it been difficult to readjust to society?

Kevin_Weeks: yes, society has changed since I've been in prison. So it has been a little difficult to readjust but prior to this book I was working construction.

Jack: Howdy. I'm newer to the Boston area. Why do you think so many folks are transfixed by the "gang"

Kevin_Weeks: The same reason people watch the Sopranos and gangster movies, things that normal people do not do in their daily life, so they're intrigued by people that do.

george_2: is whitey really in the uk??

Kevin_Weeks: I'd say, good chance.. or somewhere else in Europe.

Spuckie: Kevin, do you think that when Whitey was "in charge" that the heroine problem, especially with the kids, was not as prevalent as it is today? Did Whitey keep a tight grasp on dealing to kids?

Kevin_Weeks: Any one that sold heroin we went after. Anyone that sold angel dust we went after. So if someone wanted these drugs they would have to go out of town. We shook down the marijuana and coke dealers but we never supplied it

rlaq11: How can you say you feel no remorse for the people that you killed? How are you able to go back to the neighborhood where you took part in murders?

Kevin_Weeks: I can't change the past. I don't dwell on it. I don't beat myself over the head thinking about it, so I go forward. It's not that I don't feel remorse, it's that I refuse to go back and think about it.

Tony: Would you like to make your story into a movie?

Kevin_Weeks: yeah, a disaster flick

newsyone: You were never afraid of killing anyone before, why were you afraid of killing Howie Carr?

Kevin_Weeks: He had his daughter with him, would you have?

Celts: Kevin, do you fear for your life at all, and regret not entering Witness Protection?

Kevin_Weeks: no, the witness protection program has more rules and is more confining than being in prison.

Red_Shea: Kevin, who was the scary of the two...Whitey or Stevie?

Kevin_Weeks: You never knew what Stevie was thinking and Jimmy was just cold blooded

CITYPOINTRAT: Did Red Shea and Eddie Mackenzie actually pull the trigger on any of their so called murders or were they just acquaintances

Kevin_Weeks: Eddie Mackenzie was not involved with us at all and Red Shea was not a killer, he was a drug dealer who went away and did his time like a man.

marylou: Kevin, do you still live in Southie? If so, how are you being treated by everyone there. Southie is a pretty tight community.

Kevin_Weeks: It used to be a very tight community but there is a lot of gentrification now. But, I'm still received well.

Whitey_sGhost: if you had a chance to help the FBI nab Whitey, would you do it?

Kevin_Weeks: No. They created him, let them find him

curious: what were you thinking when you choose that kinda lifestyle?

Kevin_Weeks: I was a young kid attracted to the money and the power.

biggier: Have you made amends with the families of your victims, beyond the monetary requirements handed down by civil courts

Kevin_Weeks: I don't think they want to talk to me.

Consigliare: What do you think of Howie Carr's book? How do you plan to knock off the competition (so to speak)?

Kevin_Weeks: not very accurate

mattw: Kevin thanks for taking our questions. What is your biggest regret from your past?

Kevin_Weeks: you don't realize at the time just how many people you hurt when you commit a crime, when you kill somebody, I mean it's far reaching how many people actually suffer, families, friends, distant relatives.

Hello: What keeps you straight these days? Sheer will or fear of imprisonment?

Kevin_Weeks: some days are harder than others. to do the right thing.That's all, it's like AA

laramus: don't you fear retribution at all?

Kevin_Weeks: no

george_2: did you watch the sopranos last night??#

Kevin_Weeks: yes

DACK: What do you think about Howie Winters?

Kevin_Weeks: Howie Winter is a man, He went away and did two different bits and never said a word.

whitey_2: Kevin -are you prepared for the backlash from your book?

Kevin_Weeks: There's backlash from anything you do in life. there will always be pros and cons

initsteve: How's Snuffy? Remember him?

Kevin_Weeks: yeah, I haven't seen him

Celts: Was Whitey as cruel and ruthless and he is portrayed?

Kevin_Weeks: He was a serious guy. He took his business serious

paddy: It seems Triple'Os is mentioned alot when speaking about whitey...was that the only bar in southie you guys used

Kevin_Weeks: basically

cole04: I'm not sure if I heard correctly or not but on 60 Minutes last night, did you respond that you felt no remorse for your actions? If so, why not?

Kevin_Weeks: They cut part of my answer out. What I said was, No, I don't think or dwell on the past. I can't change it so I don't beat myself over the head. Do I feel bad about things that happened? Certainly. But I still can't change it.

beegirl: Where was Triple O's?

Kevin_Weeks: 28 West Broadway, South Boston. It's now called the Six House.

Blackie: Kevin,

Kevin_Weeks: What's up Blackie?

KG: Do you have trouble sleeping at night knowing what you've done to poeple?

Kevin_Weeks: no, thank God

george_2: how honestly is organized crime depicted on tv?

Kevin_Weeks: Sopranos comes close, except for the psychologist.

fivecents: How do gangs today in Roxy and Dorchester compare to gangs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s in Southie, Somerville, etc.?

Kevin_Weeks: I think the gangs of today in Roxbury and Dorchester have no clear organization or end game in mind of what they want to accomplish. Where the gangs of the 60s 70s and 80s knew exactly what they wanted to achieve and how to achieve it.

Consigliare: was there an italian mob in Boston?

Kevin_Weeks: yeah, still is

PTO: Have you read the book Black Mass - a book also written about Whitey?

Kevin_Weeks: yes, it's based on court documents, half the story.

Blackie: Was Whitey ever gay? Was this the source of some of his anger?

Kevin_Weeks: No.

butch: why are you so confident that you can be safe outside of witness protection? flipping, as quickly as you did is against the code, you know that.

Kevin_Weeks: First of all I didn't flip as quick as they said, second, you can't rat on a rat. Would you rather have Whitey and Stevie still out there giving everybody else up? And killing everybody else that got in their way?

Mike_G: Kevin...alot of people believe there is a conspiracy by the FBI to not want to find Whitey...because he could expose more people and lies...what do think of this theory?

Kevin_Weeks: I think the new regime in there wants him. I think the old regime has slipped under the radar and escaped prosecution by statute of limitation. So there's no reason for them to protect him anymore, if they ever did, from being caught.

KP: Did you ever feel like you were choosing the wrong path for yourself in life after getting involved wih all of the crime?

Kevin_Weeks: sure, I questioned my choices a long time ago.

biggier: Were you guys involved in the hit on Sperlinga in Somerville

Kevin_Weeks: no, he was killed by a crack junkie

curious_2: Mr. Weeks, Do you have any idea how warped your sense of "honor" in how you conducted your life sounds to a regular person? May God have mercy on you.

Kevin_Weeks: To some people it is warped, but then again, most people were not brought up in the same environment and have the same code of morality around them.

Mike_G: Will you be doing any book signings?

Kevin_Weeks: Yes, I think they will be posted on

Whitey_3: Edward McKenzie wrote a book a few years ago talking about his involvement with Whitey, was this guy legit or a wannabe?

Kevin_Weeks: Eddie Mackenzie was trying to make a dollar by writing a book that was fabricated, thinking that nothing he said could come back to haunt him. He never thought that I or other people would be back around

grif: Are you going to the st. pats day parade on sunday

Kevin_Weeks: march 19

whitey: Are you a "rat"?

Kevin_Weeks: no, never was an informant, never will be an informant

skeptic: I'm not buying the long-time Mob myths that you tried to perpetrate on 60 Minutes again last night. Particularly the nonsense about not shooting Howie Carr because he was with his daughter. The history of the Mob in America, and particularly the South Boston Irish Mob, is littered with cases of innocent men and women being killed, in front of family and friends. Your Mob was a money-making enterprise that used violence to achieve its ends. There was nothing moral or ethical about anything you did.

Kevin_Weeks: Maybe you would have shot Carr in front of his daughter, but I chose not to. You don't have to believe anything that anyone says, and that's not important to me. I know the truth. Friends of mine know the truth. People that were involved with me know the truth and that's what matters.

Whitey_sGhost: if you could help the FBI nab Whitey, would you do it? Also, do you ever talk to John Connolly?

Kevin_Weeks: No and no

butch: I heard from Howie Carr that you and whitey were lovers at one point. that was a revelation to me? you must miss him alot.

Kevin_Weeks: not as much as I miss your wife

Missy: are u sorry for hurting your family?

Kevin_Weeks: I'm sorry not just for hurting my family, but for hurting other people's families.

bostonAK: Do you plan to stay in Boston for the rest of your life?

Kevin_Weeks: until I'm ready to leave

WinterhillSnowman: If you were Whitey, where would you hide?

Kevin_Weeks: the Playboy mansion.

wanderer: What so you think of the gloriication of violence in our society?

Kevin_Weeks: it's glorified in the media every day , on the news, in the papers, on the radio. So, it's hard to get away from it when there's so much coverage of it.

whitey_2: you better praay he never gets caught. He will turn rat against you

Kevin_Weeks: He already betrayed me.

Bostondotcom: That's all the time we have folks. Thank you, Kevin, for answering all of our questions.

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