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Divided, they are, into groups, united they stand, being green

If it's green, or could be, it's on the agenda for the second annual Allston Brighton Green Gathering Thursday night at the EF International Language School. Allston Brighton Green Space Advocates is a year-old confederation of local groups and individuals who want to maintain green spaces of all shapes and sizes.

''They each have their issue . . . it ranges from street trees to community gardens to privately owned urban wilds to public parks," says Heather Knopsnyder, open space organizer for the Allston Brighton Community Development Corp., which is helping to sponsor the event.

The meeting also will feature a representative from the National Park Service, which is offering technical and financial assistance for what will be the neighborhood's first master planning project for Allston-Brighton's green spaces, according to Knopsnyder.

The group's efforts have already shown results: After decades of neglect by the city and state, a ragged stretch of green between Lincoln Street and the Turnpike in North Allston is on its way to getting a major redesign after local resident Harry Mattison sought help at last year's meeting.

''The whole point with this is really the 'United-we-stand, divided-we-fall' thing," says Charlie Vasiliades, president of the Friends of the Oak Square Common.

The meeting will be held from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Thursday (snow date: Feb. 28) at the EF International Language School at 200 Lake St. in Brighton. For more information, call 617-787-3874, ext. 215.


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