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Records also show difficulties with excise taxes

As state Representative Marie St. Fleur ended her one-day candidacy for lieutenant governor yesterday amid questions about her delinquent taxes, additional documents surfaced showing her family's personal finances in even greater disarray.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles disclosed that it put St. Fleur's driver's license into ''nonrenewal" status late last year because she failed to pay excise taxes to the city of Boston in 2005. As a result, St. Fleur would be unable to renew her driver's license this year until she pays the tax. It was not the first time she has had such difficulty: In 1989, RMV records show, she also failed to pay her excise taxes on a vehicle.

Meanwhile, Registry records show that the driver's license of St. Fleur's husband, Jean Lauture, was also put on nonrenewal status in August. His license had been revoked in 1998. A Registry spokeswoman declined comment yesterday but the records cite ''bad check" as the reason for the 1998 revocation.

The couple's financial problems came to light this week after Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly, a Democratic candidate for governor, chose St. Fleur as his running mate. The Globe reported yesterday that St. Fleur had three delinquent tax debts over the last four years, including a federal tax lien of $12,711.

The Internal Revenue Service placed that lien on the couple in April 2005 for nonpayment of 2003 taxes. The city of Boston also filed liens for nonpayment of property taxes against the couple's Dorchester house in 2002 and 2003, and St. Fleur told the Globe that she owes $40,000 in delinquent federally backed student loans.

St. Fleur declined to take questions at a press conference last night, and the campaign declined further comment on the finances.

In 2004, despite a debt of more than $12,000 to the IRS, Lauture took on another large obligation, a mortgage of more than $400,000 on a multi-unit apartment building he bought as rental property in Brockton. In April of that year, he bought the property for $410,000, city records show. The mortgage was nearly $404,000.

Within the next year, the city of Brockton filed liens against that rental property for failure to pay water bills. A city official said the liens were cleared after the unpaid bills worth $3,747 were paid last week.

St. Fleur's legislative salary is projected to be about $70,570 for 2006, the same as 2005. In 2003 and 2004, she earned $68,381, according to the state Treasurer's office.

In addition to her pay as a legislator, she reported modest income from two law firms on her 2004 financial statement, the most recent that she was required to file with the state as a public official. Those show her taking home up to $5,000 from the Dorchester firm of Guerrier and Associates and $5,000 to $10,000 from the Boston firm of Sessa, Glick, Quiroga & Hibbard.

The statement of financial interest also shows that her husband was earning unspecified income as a consultant to Waltham-based Dynogen Pharmaceuticals and Citizens for Affordable Housing in Newton Development Organization Inc., a nonprofit affordable housing developer whose executive director said last night that Lauture had done bookkeeping and accounting for the organization. It could not be determined yesterday how much money he made.

Suffolk County Registry of Deeds documents show that St. Fleur took out a $279,500 loan at a 7.05 percent adjustable rate mortgage in November 2004 on her Hartford Street residence. The couple lost their first home to foreclosure in 1992 for failure to pay their mortgage.

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