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Language skills

They may need classes to improve their Spanish, but that doesn't mean Boston's city councilors are completely devoid of multilingual talent, from ''a few words of Arabic" to high school French.

Paul J. Scapicchio

''I can read an Italian newspaper. I have a serviceable understanding of Spanish. My only problem is I mix Italian and Spanish together."

James M. Kelly

English only.

Maureen E. Feeney

''French in high school. And I took Latin -- does that count?"

Charles C. Yancey

''Je parle un peu de français. Yo hablo un poquito Español."

Rob Consalvo

English only.

John Tobin

''I speak Boston."

Chuck Turner

A little French, a few words of Arabic.

Michael P. Ross

''Enough words of Yiddish to get by at family functions. And I could eat in France if I had to."

Jerry P. McDermott

''I took Spanish in high school. 'Yo amo la ciudad de Boston.' "

Michael F. Flaherty

''I had Spanish in high school and for a semester in college."

Felix D. Arroyo

''I speak Puerto Rican with a Boston accent."

Stephen J. Murphy

Some Latin.

Sam Yoon

''Conversational household Korean. I can't really talk politics, unfortunately."

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