Faces of change
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Melquiades deCarvalho
Melquiades deCarvalho, 45, Framingham
-- Arrived from Brazil in 2003.
-- Market research analyst / community volunteer.

I wanted to study in Austin, but my friend convinced me in Massachusetts there are better schools. When I arrived in the airport, I listened to people speaking in Portuguese. I took a bus to Framingham and I was in the station waiting for my friend, and a lot of people were talking in Portuguese. Then she took me to a Brazilian restaurant. I said "Oh my God, where am I?" I got to practice my English only on the airplane! I decided to immerse myself in English, but I was living with Brazilians and watching Brazilian cable. I decided to move to a different house ... Now I am able to tutor someone in basic English.
(Globe Staff Photo / Lane Turner)