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Teen suspended after threat

PITTSFIELD, Maine -- A 14-year-old eighth-grader was charged with terrorizing and suspended from school for allegedly saying he wished that the building would blow up, officials said.

The youth made the threat on the school bus as it carried pupils home at the end of the school day Wednesday, said Arnold Shorey, Warsaw Middle School principal, adding that the youth also threatened two staff members.

A pupil told his parents about the statement, and they notified police late Wednesday night. The youth who allegedly made the threat and witnesses were interviewed Thursday at the Pittsfield police station before the youth was charged.

Pittsfield Police Chief Stephen Emery said the parents of the involved pupils were cooperative but frightened. ''Some of them wanted the child arrested immediately and put in jail," Emery said. ''Others said they were afraid to send their kids to school."

''At no time was there a direct threat that would lead anyone to think that the buildings were unsafe or children were in danger," said a letter from administrators to parents.

The pupil involved has been suspended indefinitely.

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