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Real estate transactions


29 East St. -- Patrick J. Fitzgerald and Francisca Fitzgerald to John F. Foley and Roberta F. Foley, $409,0001115 Plymouth St. -- Ronald F. Smith and Carol A. Smith to Michael P. Santosuosso and Janet E. Santosuosso, $324,90082 Coleman St. -- Michael P. Santosuosso and Janet E. Santosuosso to Keith Rudnisky and Katherine Rudnisky, $271,00018 Kingswood Drive , Unit 6E -- Lillian Meier to Lauren N. Nubar, $177,000BRAINTREE

37 Dean St. -- Colin F. Sims and W. Rae Sims to Laura J. Donovan and Stephen P. Donovan, $560,00020 Liberty St. -- Thomas J. Corbett and Virginia M. Corbett to Theresa E. Corbett and Thomas J. Corbett, $440,00034 Regis Rd. -- Mlouise Walsh to Bozena Uremovic and Jakov Uremovic, $333,50088 Bradford Commons Lane , Unit 88 -- Donald J. Higgins to Colin M. Black and Cynthia A. Black, $307,000COHASSET

51 Deep Run -- Patricia M. Stewart and William H. Stewart to Christine G. Sida and Graham Sida, $1,380,0006 Ledgewood Farm Drive -- Maria C. Jorgensen and Martin E. Jorgensen to James S. Smith and Patrice L. Smith, $999,000219 Beechwood St. -- Josephine C. Coleman T. and Luann L. Richardson to Airamie A. Mcmahon and Douglas C. Beyer, $530,000DUXBURY

80 Marshall St. -- Thomas C. Rogerson to Michael C. Spoor and Margaret T. Spoor, $1,151,01124 Hidden Acres Drive -- Errol Finkelstein and Elaine Finkelstein to David F. Earley and Salli F. Earley, $690,000848 Franklin St. -- Paul B. Smith and Cecilia M. Smith to Stephanie Engel, $395,000HANOVER

51 Gardner Way -- Robert Kaplan and Nancy J. Kaplan to Michael Killilea and Barbara Olinto-killilea, $970,000932 Webster St. -- Valre RT and Paul F. Ricciardi to Joshua T. Mcavay and Erin M. Mcavay, $687,00021 Post Drive -- Walter I. Mcdonough and Janet E. Mcdonough to Gavin Little-gill and Kaela M. Curtis, $614,00067 Juniper Lane -- Walnut Creek LLC and John B. Vlaco to Joan P. Carr, $461,517421 Hanover St. -- Woodward FT and Susan E. Landreville to Heather J. Lange, $340,000HINGHAM

4 Mill River Lane -- Joan P. Carr to Paul A. Warburton and Anne C. Warburton, $714,00026 Smith Rd. -- Richard A. Russell and Abibail J. C. Russell to William B. Olin and Elena D. Olin, $643,0004 Dennis Rd. -- Catherine M. Poindexter to William E. Joyce and Charlene D. Joyce, $395,000165 Wompatuck Rd. -- Peter A. Wasserman and Janet E. Wasserman to Erica D. Colantonio and B. Camille Colantonio, $319,000HOLBROOK

37 Norfolk Rd. -- F Gloria Murphy and George E. Murphy to Maria M. Smith and Timothy M. Smith, $374,90067 Pond St. -- Gary W. Rose and Nancy A. Rose to Adejardes H. Deabreu and Karina G. Deabreu, $305,000610 S Franklin St. , Unit A204 -- Christina M. Spicuzza to Catherine Poindexter, $219,900450 S Franklin St. -- Maria Rota to Edward J. Obrien and William J. Obrien, $72,500HULL

45 Hull Shore Drive -- Surf Nantascot Place LLC and Ferdinand J. Kiley to Nantasket Beach Condo LLC, $10,000,00020 Newton St. -- Mark P. Ingaciola to Lisa J. Parsons and David J. Poggenburg, $635,00061 G St. -- Mary S. Volk and John P. Volk to Larry A. Sprince and Myra J. Sprince, $403,0007 D St. -- Robert G. Biederman and Carol Biederman to Robert K. Hakala and Laurie A. Kirby, $374,00014 Lynn Ave. -- Philip S. Thayer to Joseph A. Mancuso, $239,400KINGSTON

40 Pond View Drive -- Cecil J. Hunt and Marjorie S. Hunt to Eric W. Fultz and Karen A. Fultz, $739,64511 Normans Way -- Jeneve Corp to Matthew P. Naylor and Dawn A. Naylor, $565,82449 Smiths Lane -- Hoa Nguyen to Craig T. Ryan and Cindy M. Viana, $379,0009 Orchard Ave. -- Steven C. Govoni and Lyn Goboni to Nora T. Finn, $295,000MARSHFIELD

50 Bay Ave. -- Jack J. Depalma and Joann B. Depalma to Brian P. Curley, $1,137,50058 Phillips Farm Rd. -- Robert G. Harrington to Roger K. Macleod and Cathy Macleod, $755,00092 Foster Ave. -- Erik Otto Huegel to Michael A. Sousa, $660,000728 S River St. -- Maura K. Silverio and Justin A. Silverio to John J. Thompson and Ann Marie Thomspon, $425,00019 Billings Rd. -- John G. Hommel and Ptrick J. Mcdonough to Pauline M. Bartkus, $205,0009 Edwards Rd. -- Habitat for Humanity S. Sh to David J. Moran, $90,000MILTON

74 Crestview Rd. -- Reginald H. White and Victoria G. White to Gloria L. Rawn and James D. Rawn, $1,021,500176 School St. -- Lisa D. Cappuccilli to Paul J. Kostka, $730,00010 Martin Rd. -- Philippe Moutarlier and Ruth Selvidge to Katherine B. Hamblet and Robert S. Hamblet, $550,00092 Elm St. -- Kathleen Costello and Matthew F. Costello to Darcy D. Prather and Kristala L. Prather, $480,00038 Glendale Rd. -- Mary E. Turner and Scott D. Turner to Jose A. Ramos and Kristen L. Ramos, $393,000109 Washington St. -- Ann D. Aghajanian to Edouard R. Marquis, $280,000120 Warren Ave. -- Gail Dethomaso and Margaret M. Bauer to Christian T. Kemp, $160,000NORWELL

27 Paradise Drive -- Peter D. Burdon and Allison C. Burdon to Patrick T. Sweeney and Jill Moore-sweeney, $585,000936 Main St. -- Jonathan W. Hahn and Susan W. Hahn to Trevlex Constr Co Inc and Jonathan W. Hahn, $450,000PEMBROKE

15 Felicia Ter -- Peter A. Badalament and Kelli A. Birtwell to Stephen R. Locke and Victoria E. Locke, $477,00014 Standish St. -- Robert R. Cousins and Carol A. Cousins to John J. Debenedictis and Sherry L. Debenedictis, $379,000143 Valley St. -- John J. Debenedictis and Sherry L. Debenedictis to Donald Decristofaro and Karen L. Decristofaro, $345,0009 Vernal Rd. -- William C. Burge and Susan L. Burge to Joseph E. Cipullo and Racquel D. Cipullo, $337,500432 Mattakeesett St. -- Jeffrey S. Ellis and Melissa W. M. Ellis to Michelle A. Lewey, $244,000PLYMOUTH

Stonebridge Rd. , Unit A-82 -- Pinehills LLC and Green Plymouth LLC to GP Pines LLC, $570,000894 Federal Furnace Rd. -- Mark C. Higgins and Kimberly A. Higgins to William L. Davis and Shannon M. Davis, $415,00011 Jaye St. -- Rocco Fosco and Wendy A. Fosco to Timothy Armstrong, $352,50075 Dickson Drive -- William L. Davis and Shannon M. Davis to Jamie B. Wile and Laurence Wile, $309,000246 Court St. -- Diane Aubin to Edward L. Arnold and Dorothy A. Arnold, $265,000164 Court St. -- Linda M. Benea and Robert H. Benea to Lawrence Gay, $210,000QUINCY

24 Orchard St. -- Deborah J. Kane and Michael S. Ferrara to Robert F. Crowley, $700,00053 Mullin Ave. -- Karen R. Damiani and Todd A. Damiani to Tuan Ngoo Pham, $442,000169 Standish Rd. -- Marie A. Bowser to Melissa N. Stamos, $304,000500 Washington St. , Unit 801 -- John M. Gillis and Violet M. Gillis to David J. Clark and Leslie M. Hart, $249,0008 Oval Rd. , Unit 45 -- William M. Flach to Jason G. Boyd, $204,900RANDOLPH

20 Tiffany Drive -- Mary A. Cronin and Thomas F. Cronin to Gregory Magny and Hailine A. Magny, $487,50010 Richard Rd. -- Fritznel Gabelus and Ingrid A. Gabelus to Thanh H. Nguyen and Tien T. Nguyen, $350,00023 Soren St. -- Grand F. Wong and Joanne G. Wong to Jennifer Kanyugi and Patrick Conneeley, $300,00095 Webster St. -- Sherrilyn C. Brannon to Adriana Thurston and Sean Thurston, $261,500159 Bittersweet Lane , Unit 116 -- Jim Y. Chou to Michelle I. Harrington and Paul L. Harrington, $177,500ROCKLAND

8 Indian Head Lane -- Murray D. Vetstein and Patricia A. Vetstein to Paul W. Nolan and Doris J. Koch, $434,900100 Union St. -- Donald J. Gaynor to Augusto A. Almeda-lopez and Aida A. Lopez, $313,400216 Forest St. -- Carolyn Crowley to Stephen Crowley and Viki-lee Crowley, $204,000122 Reed St. -- Joseph A. Jacintho and Agnes E. Jacintho to Douglas J. Torello and Rosemary Torello, $160,000SCITUATE

93 Oceanside Drive -- Marie Cantwell and Marie C. Ritter to Kenneth P. Brewer and Debra J. Brewer, $539,90016 2nd Ave. -- Robert M. Gibbons and Kathleen T. Gibbons to Peter A. Wasserman and Janet P. Wasserman, $420,000WEYMOUTH

174 Lake St. -- Maria Kamperides and Vassilios Vassiliadis to Janet M. Larkin and Michael F. Larkin, $395,00022 Johnson Rd. -- Michelle A. C. Breault and Michelle A. Cordeiro to Jadwiga E. Mazur, $337,00014 Ridgewood Ter -- Robert L. Leary to Eileen B. Hilton, $335,000

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