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Real estate transactions


323 Hampton Way -- Gable Condo T. and Bisher I. Hashem to Mildres A. Crowe, $306,790BRAINTREE

35 Buker Corner Lane -- N T. Dev Inc to Ayako M. Benjamin and William A. Benjamin, $900,000193 Cain Ave. -- 193 Cain Avenue RT and Edward M. Duggan to Heather J. Carlson and Jeffrey Carlson, $699,90032-34 Bradley Rd. -- Nancy M. Muse and Susan S. Gwon to Irene Papamarkou, $490,00015 Delta Rd. -- Mary J. Cirignano to Andy To and Man W. Li, $472,200

23 Grace Rd. -- Lisa Simpson and Margarita Bruno to Fay Wong and Yau Y. Wong, $460,000

73 Celia Rd. -- Jeannette B. Bricknell and Russell C. Bricknell to Claire W. Brady and Joseph A. Brady, $455,000

1350 Washington St. -- Dorothy M. Anderson to Jeanne M. Haran and Walter J. Haran, $289,900

660 Union St. , Unit 1B -- Joseph F. Walsh and Ruth N. Walsh to Mary Cirignano, $275,000

99 Hancock St. -- Dawn Gardner to William F. Frazier, $275,000

312 Commercial St. -- Edna F. Duncan to Randy G. Chichester, $271,000

92 Cabot Ave. -- William P. Frazier to William D. Krommes, $220,000COHASSET

60 Nichols Rd. -- Stauss FT and Jack B. Stauss to Diane Picot and Mark Picot, $860,00075 Old Pasture Rd. -- Linda J. Campbell and Rmurray Campbell to Kathleen Omalley-taylor, $565,000646 Jerusalem Rd. , Unit 2 -- Donna H. Lief and Donna L. Harris to Ellen M. Costello and John M. Costello, $375,000704 Jerusalem Rd. -- Denise P. Perez and Irving H. Martel to Charles K. Botts and Denise P. Perez-botts, $250,000


70 Old Colony Rd. -- Robert J. Whittier to Michael Stinebiser and Sarah Stinebiser, $540,000HANOVER

84 Tucker Rd. -- Andrew J. Dyer to Thomas C. Talbot and Pamela Talbot, $414,000HINGHAM

10 Bay View Ave. -- Jean S. Callahan and Janet S. Powell to Garrett D. Powell and Janet S. Powell, $245,000HOLBROOK

12 Isabelle Ave. -- Michael A. Russo and Rose M. Russo to Erin M. Jones and John Barata, $323,90022 Washington Circle -- Mildred A. Crowe to Linda A. Hinsa, $322,50046 Hilltop Rd. -- Joseph F. Mobayed and Rhoda Hamaty to Anthony Barton and Tymara Barton, $293,50015 Belair Drive -- Belair Ests Dev to Susan K. Mccabe and Timothy W. Mccabe, $220,000430 Weymouth St. -- Diane Gourde to Paul Ruggiero, $150,000HULL

7 Tierney Ave. -- Thomas H. Grimshaw and Barabara C. Grimshaw to John F. Wechner and Lucille C. Wechner, $609,000105 Hampton Circle -- Michele Donahue and Dorothy Patricia Jones to William Sibold and Cynthia A. Sibold, $480,000KINGSTON

5 Hillcrest Rd. -- Ralph K. Beal to Matthew Kenealy and Matthew E. Kenealy, $289,0008 Main St. -- Neil F. King and Diane S. King to Wayne M. Czybora and Deborah A. Czybora, $245,000MARSHFIELD

111 Smoke Hill Ridge Rd. -- Mary-Jean VonIderstein to Henry Anderson and Lynn Anderson, $575,000200 King Phillips Pathe -- Patrick Coneran to Cheryl S. Gaw and Christopher A. Gaw, $541,00063 Rexhame Rd. -- Kathleen F. Carter to Peter Krusell and Eric Krusell, $300,000MILTON

257 Edge Hill Rd. -- Laurence M. Aylward and Leda F. Aylward to Caroline M. Mannion and John F. Mannion, $703,000333 Brush Hill Rd. , Unit S2 -- Faleven LLC to Dennis W. Dunphy and Shannon K. Dunphy, $605,000294 Edge Hill Rd. -- Edward P. Gannon and Michele M. Gannon to Kimberly Keka and Nardi Keka, $590,00022 Windsor Rd. -- Madeline R. Freeman to Anne M. Ward and Shawn M. Ward, $530,000

262 Brush Hill Rd. -- Elizabeth A. Whitney and Kevin M. Whitney to Helen M. Romero, $522,000

18 Berlin Ave. -- Philip E. Labonte to Claire T. Reale and Salvatore F. Reale, $335,000

639 Pleasant St. -- Christopher F. Ashman and Joann E. Ashman to Julie A. Caledonia, $322,000NORWELL

28 Cross St. -- John F. Reeves and Ann E. Reeves to David J. Kean and Kristin V. Collins, $755,00079 Barstow Ave. -- Joseph T. Doyle and Janet L. Koelsch to Lori Gaffey, $747,50010 Tara Drive -- Tara Dr Dev LLC to Gallagher Custom Homes, $347,000PEMBROKE

89 Hobomock St. -- Jdg Corp to John T. Dinanno and Prapaipit Dinanno, $474,900649 Washington St. -- Wendy Oates to Alf F. McHugh, $350,00046 Hamilton Drive -- Thomas Noonan and Kristen F. Noonan to Thoams R. Hallisey and Loretta A. Hallisey, $227,000Marlymac Way -- Chilmark Realty Inc to David M. Oxner and Mary M. Oxner, $225,000PLYMOUTH

40 Great Pointe -- Great Island Cmnty LLC and Great Island By Del Webb to Edward H. Coughlan and Nancy J. Coughlan, $627,5458 Turner Run -- GP Pines LLC and Donald K. Kurson to Karen E. Morrissey T. and Karen E. Morrissey, $536,15638 Tananger Rd. -- Darren J. Martin and Laura A. Martin to Charity Pettepit, $420,00057 Champlain Circle -- Great Island Cmnty LLC and Great Island By Del Webb to Jack A. Wilson and Sharon E. Wilson, $404,000

36 Palmer Rd. -- George Baird and Marianne C. Baird to Gregg Piekarski and Jenny Piekarski, $335,000

20 Jacqueline Lane -- Edward J. Willwerth to Gary J. Ledoux and Isaura F. Ledoux, $334,900

6 Champlain Circle -- Rita Karassik ReT and Rita Karassik to Paula M. Schofeild and Paula M. Schofield, $320,000

179 Herring Pond Rd. -- Jeanne S. Griswold and Barbara Staples to Peter S. Barry, $300,000

181 Herring Pond Rd. -- Jeanne S. Griswold to Robert W. Tennant, $280,000

20 Hillcrest Rd. -- Arthur J. Randall and Maureen E. Randall to Denise Pelchat, $230,000

45 South St. -- Travis Johnson and Wayne A. Wood to Travis A. Johnson and Kelly A. Johnson, $104,000


53 Butler Rd. -- Robert F. Crowley to John W. Crowley, $600,00012 Brigantine Lane , Unit 12 -- Louis G. Marcarelli and Mary B. Marcarelli to Ann Coleman and Dennis Coleman, $572,50016 Edison St. -- Brian Foley and Craig Ricciarelli to Elzbieta Spitalniak and Jerzy Spitalniak, $559,90037-39 Kendall St. -- Andrew Topalian to Nancy J. Barron and William J. Barron, $555,50010-12 Farrell St. -- Andrea B. Coughlin and John E. Coughlin to Hai Z. Wu and Shui W. Choi, $540,000

90-92 Billings Rd. -- Kin M. Lau and Koon N. Lau to Kin S. Lau, $535,000

23 Harbourside Rd. , Unit 23 -- Mark Wolff and Nancy M. Wolff to Patricia Bianco, $500,000

28 Ridgeway St. -- Paul M. Howard to Patricia Welsh and Theodore Welsh, $329,000

16 Roach St. -- Colleen R. Macauley and Daniel P. Macauley to Cristina M. Hamel and Raymond G. Hamel, $325,000

247 West St. -- Shi M. Lin to Khen Phung, $320,000

21-45 Linden St. , Unit 125 -- Susanne M. Higgins to Carla K. Moran and George R. Kober, $319,90026 Randlett St. -- Amy E. Boschen and Amy E. Sturgis to Adrienne Mclaughlin and James Velema, $319,0002-32 Fensmere Ave. , Unit N -- Carmen L. Donoso to George V. Douglas, $195,000

21 Linden St. -- Kimberly L. Edwards to Mary Kate Lecam and Carla K. Moran, $190,000

24 South St. , Unit 303 -- Edward T. Assad and Louis C. Assad to Samuel T. Sharp, $187,000


6 Morgan St. -- Anthony R. Lawson to Colleen Calnan, $486,50016 E Alden Ave. -- Gat Y. Mui and Wing K. Mui to Patrick K. Karanja, $480,000325 Union St. -- Susan Werner and William F. Oconnor to Douglas V. Nguyen and Thanh N. Nguyen, $385,50026 Michael Rd. -- Roodly Jean to Garey R. Lee and Janet K. Lee, $381,000

750 S Main St. -- Marie L. Occivil to Carl Smith, $380,000

21 Willow Drive -- Marie C. Louis-juste and Yves Jean-louis to Joshua Miller and Sophia Miller, $370,000

5 Royal Crest Drive , Unit E8 -- David M. Fielding to Mark Grant, $150,000


2 Ward Ave. -- William K. Rice to Sheryl S. Remis, $310,000105 Brookline Way -- Maria Dacosta and Creuza Maria Dacosta to Craig W. Newton, $249,900WEYMOUTH

84 Waterford Drive -- Charles R. Freeman and Karin E. Bronner to Metri Metri, $637,50027 Vernon St. , Unit 1-2 -- Cannon Constructon Corp to Bathayer T. and Nancy E. Berretta, $572,2921626-28 Commercial St. -- Carl West to Timothy J. Cronin, $380,000

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