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92-year-old man helps prevent a suicide

LOWELL -- A 92-year-old Lowell man, on his way to the grocery store, stopped his car to help wrestle a suicidal man from the railing of a city bridge on Saturday.

George Kouloheras, a former 30-year member of both the Lowell and Greater Lowell Technical school committees, and another driver, pulled the distraught man off the railing and restrained him until police arrived.

"I jumped him from behind, and this other fellow got him from the front," Kouloheras told The Sun of Lowell. "I got him down and sat on him. He wanted to get up, but I told him, no, no. Stay down."

The incident was not the first time Kouloheras has been a hero. Eighty years ago as a 12-year-old Boy Scout, Kouloheras rescued an infant from a burning building in the city.

The other driver, Bob Michalczyk, 42, of Lowell said his heroics were no big deal. "I guess you could just say I helped," Michalczyk said. "I don't consider it a big deal. I'm just glad he's OK and maybe he can get some help."

Lowell Patrolman Dan Brady arrived to find Michalczyk pinning the man to the ground, holding his shoulders, and Kouloheras kneeling alongside trying to talk the man out of jumping.

The distraught man was taken to a hospital.

Brady said he planned to seek citizen citations for Kouloheras and Michalczyk. "I was just fortunate being there at the right time," Kouloheras said.

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