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Sentence to be appealed

The decision of 12 federal jurors yesterday that Gary Lee Sampson should be executed sends him on a path to Terre Haute, Ind., where federal death row inmates are executed by lethal injection.


Sampson, 44, is to remain in a federal lockup in New England until he is sentenced Jan. 29 by US District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf.

Wolf said he plans to follow the jury's recommendation that Sampson be sentenced to death.

After sentencing, Sampson would join 25 inmates on federal death row in Terre Haute, where Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was executed in 2001.

McVeigh is one of only three federal prisoners executed since 1963.

The federal death penalty was reinstated in 1988. In 1994, it was expanded to include 60 offenses, including murder during a carjacking, the charge that resulted in Sampson facing federal prosecution.

Lawyers for Sampson said yesterday that they plan to appeal his death sentence. The appeal would initially be heard by a three-judge panel at the First US Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston, but can ultimately be appealed to the US Supreme Court.


admitted killer
Gary Sampson   Gary Sampson
Abington, Mass.
Age: 43
The victims
  Philip McCloskey
Taunton, Mass.
Age: 69
  Jonathan Rizzo
Kingston, Mass.
Age: 19
  Robert Whitney
Concord, N.H.
Age: 58
Audio files
Sampson's background
Gary Sampson tells of a life dotted with alcohol abuse and prison terms.
McCloskey murder
Sampson describes how he murdered Philip A. McCloskey, 69, of Taunton, July 24, 2001.
Rizzo murder
Sampson describes how he killed Jonathan Rizzo, 19, of Kingston on July 27, 2001.
Bank robbery
Sampson describes how he robs banks.
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