Fung Wah Bus Rips ‘Reprehensible’ Government Treatment

01fungwah A Fung Wah bus from Boston to New York burst into flames on a Connecticut highway, just moments after passengers fled the bus. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined. Federal driver safety ratings for Fung Wah Transportation Inc are three times worse than the national average. Photos Courtesy of bus passenger Melissa Donovan Library Tag 09042005 Metro --
In 2005, a Fung Wah bus from Boston to New York burst into flames on a Connecticut highway.
Melissa Donovan/The Boston Globe

After a year and a half of silence, Fung Wah Bus lashed out at the federal government in a public letter, accusing the federal government of arbitrarily shutting down the cheap Boston-to-New York bus service.

18 months ago, Fung Wah Bus was shut down by the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration after the company was found to have several maintenance violations and aging vehicles. The company has not been allowed back on the road since.

In a letter dated August 15th and posted to the Fung Wah Bus website, company president Pei Lin Liang slammed the FMCSA’s “unjust and heavy hand” of punishment. The letter is part explanation and part attack on the FMCSA for what Fung Wah claims is excessive and arbitrary punishment.

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“Nothing about this situation has been reasonable and fair, and in fact, the government’s actions are reprehensible,” Pei Lin Liang writes. “We admit, we must accept some responsibility for our misgivings but nothing that we have done nor didn’t do would ever account to an unqualified death sentence.”

The FMCSA last addressed Fung Wah’s complaints in February, when it denied the bus service’s request to resume operations due to safety concerns. “The company is not willing or able to comply with the safety standards we require to protect passengers, drivers, and the motoring public,” the FMCSA said regarding Fung Wah.

The Fung Wah letter argues that the company was shut down without defending it sufficiently. “Why would FMCSA kill a good company like ours without a real legal reason?” the letter asks.

The letter appears to have been typed, printed, and then scanned and posted onto the Fung Wah Bus website.