The Moving Trucks Are Coming and BU Is Already Nervous

A truck is stuck under a bridge on Storrow Drive Monday, Aug. 26, 2013.   [[SLIDE]]

(Massachusetts State Police)
August 19, 2014 2:08 PM

Sept. 1 is less than two weeks away. For Boston, that means an enormous influx of students (and their moving trucks) is also less than two weeks away. Whoever controls the Boston University Police Department Twitter account must have just realized this and figured it might be a good time to start trying to prevent the inevitable.

And who could blame them? After all, having your students cause major traffic delays and fail to read basic road signs on an annual basis isn’t exactly good press for a university. But, come on, BU. Here in Boston, you should know that we value our traditions, and when Move-In Day rolls around, everyone gets a hankering for some trucks crashing into bridges.

So it’s an admirable effort, but you should know that it’s also a futile one. Whether it’s a new student or a poor, suffering parent, someone behind the wheel of a box truck is going to end up crashing into an overpass on Storrow Drive. And when they do, we’ll all face-palm and shake our heads, just like every year. Merry Allston Christmas.

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