Two Men Arrested in String of Cambridge Burglaries

Police said they recovered several pieces of jewelry, computers and tools from two men burglarizing Cambridge homes early Wednesday afternoon.

Allen Bolden Jr., 32 and Danavian Daniel, 21, both homeless, were allegedly seen testing doors in an apartment building on Harvard Street by an observant neighbor who reported the behavior to authorities. When confronted, the men allegedly told police they weren’t residents.

Officers said they found a screwdriver, gloves and a medical bill after searching one suspect, along with a backpack and cooler carried by the second suspect containing a crowbar, two laptops, an iPad, “multiple” pieces of jewelry and some cash.

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After a search of the building, investigators found a vacant, ransacked apartment, as well as another apartment door with fresh pry marks “consistent with the flathead screwdriver” confiscated from the suspects.

Police said they also identified another burglarized home on Lee Street—about four blocks from the Harvard Street apartment building—after locating identifying information on the recovered iPad.

“This case involved great collaboration between a vigilant resident who quickly contacted the police, our officers and detectives,” Deputy Superintendent Paul Ames wrote in a statement. “That led not only to a pair of arrests, but halted what could have been a pattern of additional housebreaks.”

Bolden and Daniel now face multiple charges, including breaking and entering in the daytime and attempting to commit a crime.