Trial Begins for Latest One Fund Scammers

06/10/2014 BOSTON, MA Brothers Domunique Grice (cq) (left) and Branden Mattier (cq) entered the courtroom for their trial on allegations of larceny over $250 and identify fraud against the One Fund (cq). (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)
Brothers Domunique Grice (left) and Branden Mattier entered the courtroom at Suffolk Superior Court Tuesday.
Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

Two brothers who thought they had come up with a grand scheme to make millions were in a Boston court today facing charges of trying to defraud the fund created for survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Domunique Grice, 28, and Branden Mattier, 23, are allegedly the latest perpetrators in a disturbing series of people who submitted false claims in hopes of cashing in on The One Fund, which swelled to more than $60 million.

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Both men have pleaded not guilty to conspiracy commit larceny, attempt to commit larceny and identity fraud.

 Branden Mattier, center stands in a Boston courtroom, beside his attorney Claudia Perez Tomao, during his arraignment where he was charged with trying to defraud One Fund Boston by claiming his aunt had been injured in the bombing, though she has been dead for a decade. Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe (Metro, Schworm)
Branden Mattier was arraigned in Boston in July.
The Boston Globe

The brothers set their sights high, aiming for $2 million for their aunt, who had been dead for ten years, reported CBS Boston.

According to The Boston Globe, the brothers, who are out on bail, decided to say the aunt lost both legs when they learned that they could get more money than just claiming one leg was lost.

"Get ready for that fat-ass check," Dominique Grice allegedly texted his brother, Branden Mattier, said Assistant Attorney General Gina Masotta.

The prosecution painted a picture of two malicious individuals who had no regard for those who were killed, injured, and otherwise affected by the bombings, including their own aunt, reported The Globe.

But the attorney defending Mattier suggested that the brothers’ plan was only about the money, telling the jury: “This is not about the bombing. Do not be swayed.”

The Associated Press reported that Mattier was arrested in July after a state trooper presented him with a fake check, which prosecutors allege was going to be used to buy a new Mercedes-Benz.