More Questions Than Answers in Case of Mutilated Body Found on Cape Cod Beach

The Barnstable County District Attorney is asking for the public’s help in identifying a mutilated corpse that was discovered on Sandwich’s Town Neck beach earlier this week.

In a press conference this afternoon, Cape and Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe said investigators are expanding their search for the person or persons responsible.

The victim’s legs, arms, and head had been severed from the torso. The body was found wrapped in a tarp and trash bags. Police say they believe it was discarded from a vehicle between Monday and Wednesday evening.

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The remains have been identified as belonging to an African American male, 70-72 inches in height, and weighing 220-230 pounds. The body had a 3-4 inch surgical scar on the right side of the abdonimal area.

Officials released photos of two items found at the scene: a dark blue t-shirt from ‘Cranston Windustrial,’ an industrial parts distributor in Rhode Island, and a blue dolley. Police are requesting information from anyone who might recognize either item.

Thousands of visitors visit Town Neck beach each year. “It’s one of the first beaches across the bridge,” O’Keefe said.

Police are still looking for the primary scene of the murder. The location on the beach where the body was found is currently being treated as a secondary crime scene.