North Reading Man Busted Allegedly Selling Drugs Out of Restaurant

North Reading police say they have arrested a man who sold a variety of drugs while posing as a regular in a local Chinese restaurant.

The Boston Globe reports:

The investigation of Richard "Ricky" Ward, of North Reading, began in December 2013. A police task force found that Ward was a regular at the restaurant, where surveillance footage showed him selling drugs out of the bathroom and parking lot, according to John Guilfoil, a spokesman for the police.


Late Thursday, Ward was arrested and police seized two ounces of cocaine, a pound of marijuana, prescription pills, and steroids from his home, Guilfoil said in a statement. Earlier that day, he allegedly sold cocaine to undercover police officers on two occasions, Guilfoil added.

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The statement said Ward was held on $20,000 cash bail and faces a variety of charges, including: trafficking cocaine, five counts of distributing cocaine, one count of possessing a class D substance (marijuana) with the intent to distribute, two counts of drug violations near a park, one count of possessing a class B substance (Percocet) and one count of possessing a class E substance (steroids).

Police also arrested Edward Conron of North Reading and charged him with possessing a class B substance (cocaine).