Hey, Did You Know There’s a Satanic Black Mass at Harvard Tonight?

In case you were not already aware, the Harvard University Extension School’s Cultural Studies Club is holding a satanic mass Monday night for reasons they claim are “entirely educational.” And in the “things literally everyone could have guessed” category, the response has not been positive.

The Roman Catholic Church already denounced the ceremony last week, saying it will bring participants “dangerously close to destructive works of evil,” the Associated Press reported. But over the weekend, The Harvard Crimson reported that opposition to the event had gained strength in the form of a petition from Harvard’s Catholic Student Association and a prayer vigil and holy hour to be held by the Archdiocese. Harvard College Faith and Action will also hold a prayer event, the report said.

From The Crimson:

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A petition opposing the event, organized by Matthew R. Menendez '14, has, according to Menendez, received the signatures of 370 Harvard students and 100 alumni. The petition demands that the University prevent the event from taking place because it "offends all who have faith in Christ" and "promotes contempt for the Catholic faith."


In response to the "black mass" demonstration, the Archdiocese announced Friday that it plans to hold a prayer vigil on Monday followed by a Eucharistic procession to St. Paul Church, which will subsequently hold a "holy hour." Harvard College Faith and Action has also scheduled a prayer event in response to the reenactment, according to Olivia J. Krusel '15, the organization?s vice president.

Public policy professor Christopher Robichaud, who teaches at the Kennedy School of Government, is expected to speak at the satanic “black mass” and discuss the event “in terms of religious liberty and tolerance,” The Crimson added.

School officials said they do not agree with the ceremony but support the students’ rights to “speak and assemble freely.”