Brighton’s ‘Tree Ninja’ is Back

The “Brighton Tree Ninja,” a man who wears a ninja costume and uses various weapons to kill trees around Brighton Center, is reportedly back and as bad as ever.

Police are aware of the man’s actions and have caught and charged him before, Universal Hub reported. But the story said his previous convictions have only resulted in brief stints at Bridgewater State Hospital to be treated for mental health issues.

Now investigators are working on putting together a more powerful case that they hope will put the ninja behind bars for an extended period of time.

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From Universal Hub:

Residents of Peaceable and Winship streets have put up wanted posters, while police try to collect enough evidence to convince a judge that the local resident, who's been killing trees for years, is a menace who needs to be sent away for longer than brief spells in Bridgewater.

"He's cutting down all the trees," Sgt. Michael O'Hara of D-14 told residents at a Brighton Allston Improvement Association meeting tonight. O'Hara said his preferred technique is to strip away just enough bark to mortally wound a tree.

The report said his latest weapon of choice seems be a long-handled blade, but he has been known to use an axe or a saw in the past. Police are considering the man dangerous and ask that anyone who sees him call 911 instead of confronting him.

(H/T Boston Magazine)