Video: Alleged Keytar Bear Attack

Be warned, this video may leave you with an uneasy feeling in your stomach. Not only is it filmed in vertical (seriously, do not do this), but it also allegedly shows the attack on Keytar Bear that forced him into hibernation this week.

In an interview with Boston Magazine on Tuesday, the street performer said he suffered a “personal” assault: the attacker put an arm around Keytar Bear’s shoulders before delivering a punch to the musician’s face.

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This video seems to show that series of events, though the quality of the video makes it hard to tell exactly what is happening.

Keytar Bear has said he will not be playing for sometime, and in response, some of his fans have put together fundraisers in his honor. One of them had raised more than $3,000 dollars in less than 24 hours and will continue raising money until May 9. A concert held in Keytar Bear’s honor is also scheduled for next Thursday at Workbar in Cambridge, with proceeds going to the performer.

CBS Boston reported that Keytar Bear has not filed an incident report with Boston Police at this point.

(H/T Boston Magazine)