Keytar Bear to Hibernate After Alleged Attacks

One of Boston’s most well-known street performers, a man dressed in a bear costume playing a keytar, will be taking a leave of absence after he says he was attacked twice, most recently by someone who punched him in the face, Boston Magazine reported.

Affectionately known as Keytar Bear, the performer has become a staple at the Downtown Crossing and Harvard Square T Stations. But over the last few weeks, he has been under attack, according to the report.

From Boston Magazine:

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Apparently, Keytar Bear is under the impression that the same individual attacked him on two separate occasions, but he can't be entirely certain. In a message sent to Boston, he said during the first altercation the alleged suspect threw a Snapple bottle at him, breaking his instrument, before running off and taunting him from afar.

The second time, however, it got "personal." He told us that the suspect involved in the second assault put his arm around Keytar Bear and went to take a selfie, before smashing the man in the costume in the nose and running away.

In the wake of Keytar Bear’s announcement, two fundraisers have been created in order to help him while he recovers and works to replace his instrument. An IndieGoGo campaign has already raised over $1,000 and a fundraising event is scheduled for May 8.