Boy Abducted in Rockland, Released in Abington

A young boy was abducted outside his school in Rockland on Tuesday afternoon, driven around with his captor for 25 minutes, and then released in Abington.

Police said the 9-year-old boy was taken to a car outside the Memorial Park School just after 2 p.m. by a man who the boy believed to be a family friend, CBS Boston reported.

The suspect drove around for nearly half an hour before telling the boy to get out of the car on Lake Street in Abington. The boy was not hurt in the incident.

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WCVB reported that the boy was familiar with the Lake Street neighborhood and walked to the local police department.

Authorities said that while the victim in this incident was found unharmed, the abduction may have been a “dry run” for a future kidnapping.

The suspect is being described as a thin, white man with white hair that is longer in the back than on top. Officials said he drove a white or gray four-door sedan with white or silver wheels or hubcaps.

Police are asking that anyone with information please contact the Rockland Police Department Detective Division at 781-871-3890, extension 122.